sick sad world, part LXIV.

Of all the dumb and pointless shit that people can do to each other, beating someone into a coma for wearing the shirt of the wrong sports team has got to be one of the dumbest.

I’m beginning to suspect that a majority of the violent strife in the world is committed by males in the 16-40 age group who get a little too drunk on tribalism. Sports team allegiance is just one of many adapters for the widespread urge to go to war with The Others.


14 thoughts on “sick sad world, part LXIV.

  1. Sebastian says:

    Even dumber: Beating someone to death inside a fastfood place, just because the victim had the temerity to ask the savage barbarian to get in line like the rest of the people there.

  2. The EMS community has been waiting for this scumbag to be caught ever since it happened.

    Now to catch his accomplice and the chick who drove the car.


    Man is attacked by a gang of kids for apparently no reason. At least a half a dozen people stand around and film the encounter with their cellphones. No one calls 911 or flags down a police officer.

    There’s no legal concealed carry in DC and this was totally not a hate crime, you racist for even thinking that.

    There are at least some reports that Metro tried to downplay the attack by asking the victim to leave the subway (and presumably not stick around to file a police report). This is probably because DC Metro wants to cook the books on the crime statistics. Of course, after the videos went viral, WMATA promptly (nearly five days later) release a statement about the incident.

  4. Chrystoph says:

    Spare the rod and spoil the child comes of age, but the policy makers that got the mentality enacted will just “tsk” and try to fix the problem with more legislation rather than admitting that you need to make people responsible for their (non)actions.

  5. ATLien says:

    Supposedly, one of the suspects was reported to have a neck tattoo.

    This is my shocked face.

  6. Lanius says:


    Testosterone causes aggressivity, mainly, so if you made partial castration(just one testicle at a time) the mandatory penalty for every unprovoked attack witnessed by a lot of people.. or proven in court to have happened..(no plea deals though)

  7. Ian Argent says:

    Your second para is likely true, according to at least some popular sociology articles I have read

  8. George says:

    I carry a gun equally as much for violent idiot(s) like these as for regular criminals (i.e, murders, rapists, robbers)

    I ain’t signed up for a boxing match. Pull fists/feet, knife, or gun and I’m going to do my best to return the favor with lead.

  9. Ken says:

    The perpetrators and Frank McCourt ought to get the entire bill (medical, police overtime, the whole nine yards) split up among’em.

  10. polvadis says:

    Sadly, this is not at all uncommon in Poland where I’m from. Soccer teams have their friendly and unfriendly rivals, who made the choice as to which team is which I have no idea, but don’t be caught with the wrong T-shirt in the wrong city or you will surely get into trouble. It’s not even that you might risk a fight, it’s 100% guaranteed, and not even at the stadium or a sporting event, we’re talking city limits here.

    It’s a sad and stupid world of hooligans I get to live in.

  11. KWJ says:

    Majority of dumb violence in the world is done in the name of nationalism. Think Mao, Pol Pot, Hitler, Stalin and the like. 500 million dead for government and counting.

  12. OrangeNeck says:

    Didn’t Saddam Hussein have an entire Iraqi soccer team executed because they lost an “important” game, or something??

  13. Fred2 says:


    May 24, 2011 at 5:00 am

    Majority of dumb violence in the world is done in the name of” Socialism/Communism.

    There, fixed it for ya.

  14. Tribalism is often just the excuse or outlet, plenty of males just want to get violent.

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