short dudes, big knives, huge balls.

Once again a Gurkha demonstrates why Gurkhas are total badasses.

During the 15-minute battle, Pun fired more than 400 rounds of ammunition, detonated 17 grenades and a mine and even threw his gun tripod at a Taliban fighter climbing toward his position, according to British Forces News.

“He was just about to climb up there and I hit (him) with my tripod and he fell down again,” Pun told British Forces News.


8 thoughts on “short dudes, big knives, huge balls.

  1. OneRandomGuy says:

    Found via

  2. Chang says:

    No wonder I looked shitty in gurkha shorts. I wasn’t 5’4″ wielding a giant ass knife.

  3. Jared says:

    You have to wonder how many of Nepal’s neighbors would have been conquered if the Brits had not been hiring away all the Gurkhas. China must have paid off someone in Parliament.

  4. WPDunn71901 says:

    The Gurks are Gods of Death on the battlefield

  5. guffaw says:

    I want them on OUR side!

  6. Ancient Woodsman says:

    Pun intended.

  7. TBeck says:

    Pun-Pun with a big knife is usually dangerous for somebody.

  8. Windy Wilson says:

    And next in (f)GB? Tripod registration!

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