the latest TSA stumblefuckery.

Now we’re frisking the adult diapers of 95-year-old women in the name of safety.

Feel safer yet, America?

Tam says it best (as always):

Seriously, have we reached a point where we, as a nation, are so pants-pissingly scared of a bunch of self-immolating neolithic goatherds that we are willing to inflict any indignity on any citizen at any time rather than expose ourselves to the slightest bit of risk?

Some people say that this is the new Normal. It isn’t. This is the new baseline. With the TSA expanding this sort of nonsense from airports to train stations and even highway traffic, expect this kind of thing to become so common as to be unremarkable. If this kind of thing doesn’t result in a public outcry, a Congressional investigation, a few firings and high-level resignations, some tarring & feathering, or just a good old-fashioned ass-kicking, those people know that there’s nothing the American public won’t tolerate to be kept safe from the Boogeyman of the Decade.

And remember: these people are virtually unfireable, and impossible to sue. The old lady who got her Depends tossed by some blue-gloved airport crossing guard with a badge can sue the TSA at best…and if she wins the lawsuit, we all get to pony up the settlement.

This kind of nonsense is unworthy of a free society. But then again we’re not free anymore. Not only are we letting them wrap the chain around us tighter every year, we help them forge the links, and complain when they make the chain too loose. Children afraid of the dark, no more, asking for Daddy Government to get rid of the monsters under the bed.

For shame.


20 thoughts on “the latest TSA stumblefuckery.

  1. The problem, to my mind, is inherent in having a “Transportation Security Administration” in the first place — They’re not responsible for transportation nor even really for passengers, they’re only responsible for “security” and they get to define what that is. We’re talking about hurtling through the air in an aluminum tube, and they think it can be “secure”? Is it any wonder they’re so prone to these kind of abuses?

    In a way, they’re doing the best thing they could: being so over the top as to hopefully help assure the demise of the whole agency. If they’d been more low-key and sensible about it, they’d have been a much more insidious, long-term influence.

  2. Carteach says:

    So what is the best response from the American public? If they cared at all, they’d be storming their legislators office demanding action, refusing to fly for any reason, and certainly refusing TSA agents any goods or services at all…. anytime…. anywhere.

    America is not doing that. Not even the least bit of it. The ‘citizens’ of this nation have accepted their new status of catcher in this prison relationship.

    I’m sick of it. The people of this nation are getting exactly what they deserve, simply because they meekly accepted, nay, WELCOMED their new status.

  3. Andrew Kent says:

    If they’re also gonna be this meticulous with whatever’s under the burqas and keffiyehs, I guess it’s the price we have to pay. An adult diaper, or even a colostomy bag, can hold enough PETN to bring down a jumbo jet. But the real threat is that, should those “self-immolating neolithic goatherds” manage to take over any of the turmoil-plagued Mideast countries and bring the once Nazi-allied Muslim Brotherhood to power, it will be only a few years before they have enough nukes to blast, not only Israel, but New York into oblivion.

    Btw, if anyone should be sued, it’s Delta Airlines for playing “Who’s the Jew” with their American passengers travelling to Saudi Arabia and for shilling for the racist, sexist, antisemitic, homophobic Saudi government who plays kissy face with us so we’ll play kissy ass with them and call them “allies,” despite their being the architects and custodians of the Wahabi psychosis that forms the theological underpinnings of Islamist terrorism.

    Whew! That felt good. Thank you for letting me share. 😉

    • Marko Kloos says:

      Ah, yes. The “Islamists are going to nuke New York” scenario.

      You know what? The Soviets had nukes pointed at every major city in the U.S. for forty years, and we dealt with them without pulling the Depends off grannies in the airports. Could it be that the Baby Boomers in charge are just way more chickenshit than their parents and grandparents?

      • Well, the Russians and Chinese still do have nukes pointed at us. It’s not that the Boomers are more chickenshit (though they are) it’s that security problems in this country are based not on the most severe attacks or most probably, but on the most vividly-imagined.

    • Tam says:

      [I]t will be only a few years before they have enough nukes to blast, not only Israel, but New York into oblivion.


  4. LittleRed1 says:

    I’m still curious why the TSA folks searched my hair braid. Is it radio-opaque? Have they never heard of bobbi-pins? Were they bored? Did they get irked at my observing their ignoring passengers to “oooh!” over a cat in a carrier?

    In an ideal world, we’d 1)allow CCHP holders to fly armed, 2) if necessary put in an Israeli-type security system where behavior is profiled and not individuals and 3) have no such animal as the TSA. And by profiling I include trying to fly while stoned or stewed or strung-out as well as having recently spent four months “visiting family” or “studying religion” in Yemen, Somalia or Pakistan.

    • ATLien says:

      And what did the stoners ever do to you, pray tell?

      • LittleRed1 says:

        I had a patient (strung out, not stoned, I will admit) do her best to cause a plane crash with me on board. The medics and I never did figure out what she was seeing, but it must have been impressive the way she tried to take the plane apart from inside. So I’m biased against passengers who are operating under the influence of certain chemicals, prescribed or otherwise.

  5. Rusty P Bucket says:

    Welcome to t he great social experimint munchkin. This is just a continuation of the democrat agenda to use political correctness as a mean sof shoving their ideology up our collectiv asses. Back in 2008 they told us we had to vote for a black piece of chit or we were racists sonsabitches. now we have to let rag heads on our planes with a nod and a wink and dig through seniors diapers to prove we aren’t racists. Today the nation is beggared and buggered and the same swine are still blowing up airplanes and shooting up women and children.

    Back in my day we would have told smelly brown people with funny names that they couldn’t ride on our airplanes and they would have to get their own if they wanted to fly. It was racist as hell but at least it worked


  6. Larry says:

    What do we do about it? I ask because I truly don’t know. So far everyone is outraged, the drones at the TSA smugly inform us that everything was done by The Procedure (spoken of and in hushed tones), and nothing changes. I’d be more than willing to do my part…but what is it?
    Who is John Galt…

  7. Now the bastards are denying the diaper-tossing ever happened. I’m curious to see how this one pans out. Maybe not curious. Maybe hopeful.

    Hell, I don’t know what I am. What are you when see someone who desperately needs his/her ass kicked up between the shoulders? I’m that.


  8. Tam says:

    People keep saying “They’ll nuke NYC!” like it’s a bad thing. :s

    • LittleRed1 says:

      I’d miss the Metropolitan Museum and the Frick collection. I’ve heard the financial history museum is good too, but I’ve not visited that one yet. Otherwise yeah. Especially if the primary target was the UN building.

  9. George Smith says:

    As an external observer of the US, please excuse my comments.

    You know how we often describe our English-speaking homeland as the “place where the (former) Great Britain is”? I’m beginning to think that the same applies to the (former) United States of America. While she is still incredibly beautiful, the ongoing erosion of your rights and privileges is very sad. (That’s not to say anything’s any better in the Great White North!)

    I do think the trend can be reversed … I’m just not sure how.


  10. Marko, you’re correct when you say the TSA can’t be held responsible for their ham-fisted offenses. However, there are more traditional ways to deal with them. While I’ll admit tar and feathers does have its appeal, I’m referring to practice of shunning. Make it unpleasant enough and perhaps we’ll have fewer of them to deal with.

  11. m t coalhopper says:

    Cases like this may be what brings back passenger rail travel… if the railroads use their own political leverage to keep the TSA out of train stations. Imagine, if you will, a return to the romantic days of going somewhere in real comfort, without your children and grandparents being strip-searched in public.

    No matter how you feel about the current White House occupant, he’s got a lovely vision for making one segment of our lives safer. Let the liberals bring back trans-continental public transportation, says I, and then let the conservative businessmen make it work… without interference from the unaccountable thugs in TSA uniforms.

    • Tam says:

      Haven’t been to a train station lately, I take it. They’re lagging only a few years behind airports in the Security Theater department.

  12. Marko Kloos says:

    TSA is already branching out into train and road travel, so that train has left the station (no pun intended.)

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