the apostrophe is a warning that the letter S is about to follow.

Presented with minimal comment:

Spotted in the parking lot of the West Lebanon WallyWorld today. The word to the left of TAKE BACK AMERICA is, of course, AMERICAN’S.



26 thoughts on “the apostrophe is a warning that the letter S is about to follow.

  1. alan says:

    Nice your/you’re fail too.

    • Marko Kloos says:

      Yes, the “your stupid” sticker just had thick, viscous irony oozing off it. Also notice the “believe’s” on the sticker next to it.

  2. Rob says:

    The grammar is so consistently bad I have to wonder if the guy is a real-life version of a moby. You’d think of the guy was just simply stupid it’d be a little more varied…

    • Rob says:

      That should be “if” instead of “of.”

      There should be an axiom, if there isn’t one already, that any post on the internet criticizing someone else’s grammar/spelling will have at least one mistake of its own.

  3. Antibubba says:

    This is why you should always carry a putty knife.

  4. m t coalhopper says:

    This is why the First Amendment is so important: if it were not for the right to plaster stupidity on one’s vehicle, we’d have to get our entertainment somewhere else. And why does it always have to be something the size of a cargo van? How “conservative” is it to drive something with single-digit fuel economy? If this knucklehead wants independence from foreign oil, maybe he should drive something that uses less of it…

    Okay, rant over. Frankly, I’m probably closer to the same political side as this van owner… but I’m not announcing it to the world at every opportunity. I’d rather argue that “my guys are smarter than your guys” instead of proving that “my side is dumber than yours.”

    This guy does make a statement about the state of public education, though…

  5. Strunk and White are rolling over in their graves.

  6. Erik Smith says:

    I expect to see that in my neck of the woods in north Texas, not in the northeast… Embarrassing nonetheless.

    I have no idea how people get so full of vitriol that they cannot be reasoned with.

  7. Gnarly Sheen says:

    Generally speaking, I’d say the number of bumper stickers on a person’s car is inversely proportional to their IQ.

    Sort-of on-topic, I saw a guy with a Reagan bumper sticker on his car the other day. I was amused.

  8. Mark HB says:

    Over the years I’ve come to realise I don’t have a political “side”, because I don’t play “teams”, I play issues – and both major teams are … incompatible with my philosophies in critical, major ways. That said, I do sympathize somewhat with the Red Team because their supporters are very enthusiastically loquacious – which makes the uneducated ones stick out like a sore thumb.

    On this bright side, it’s like Bill Engvall’s dream come true. See? He’s not just wearing *A* sign, he’s wearing *MANY* signs!

  9. Gerry N. says:

    I’m now 67 and sadly burdened with a fairly decent command of American English grammar. The “you’re/your” conundrum as well as “their, there, they’re” and others of that ilk cause me much frustration. Another grammatical fuckup is exemplified in Gnarly Sheen’s comment:

    “Generally speaking, I’d say the number of bumper stickers on a person’s car is inversely proportional to their IQ. ” should read: “Generally speaking, I’d say the number of bumper stickers on a person’s car is inversely proportional to his IQ.” “Their” being plural and “his” being singular.

    The most egregious current example is the Honda Civic ads (NOT add’s) stating “To each their own.” Which should be “To each his own” I refuse to buy from a major global company who cannot hire an ad agency with at least one person on staff familiar with the English language concept of singular vs. plural. If only I were Emperor of the world for a week, the gutters of elementary schools across the country would be awash in the blood of incompetent Third Grade teachers.

    • Tam says:

      “They” and “their” are commonly used for that purpose because English lacks a gender-indeterminate third person singular pronoun.

      I do not know who is driving the car. I do know that the bumper stickers indicate the owner is of sub-par intelligence. Not having seen the driver, do I say:
      “His bumper stickers make him look like an idiot”
      “Her bumper stickers make her look like an idiot”
      “Its bumper stickers make it look like an idiot”
      “His or her bumper stickers make him or her look like an idiot” or
      “Their bumper stickers make them look like an idiot.”

      I used to get annoyed by it myself, but I have made my peace with the gradually altered use of the word. Prithee, do not be surly; rather be gay and understand that languages evolve! 😉

  10. LittleRed1 says:

    I always enjoy the old, road-worn vehicles with at least four administrations-worth of stickers and signs. Double points for home-made signs in addition to the printed ones. By that point, the political leanings tend to even out such that I think I’ve seen as many ‘Get the US out of the UN – Impeach Earl Warren!” as I have “Support the ERA” and “Nader for President.”

  11. Chris C. says:

    I’d like to slightly qualify the axiom about the inverse relationship between the number of bumper stickers and the vehicle owner’s IQ. Let’s make that “political bumper stickers”. I know a few people with humorous bumper stickers that are pretty smart.

  12. BobG says:

    At least the person’s heart is in the right place, even if the apostrophe isn’t.

  13. Kristopher says:

    I can’t get angry with them.

    Grammar and spelling instruction in public schools were eliminated in the ’80s. Us older folks can look at a sentence and tell it is wrong at a glance. The younger folks cannot, unless they were home or privately schooled, or had bonehead English beaten into them in college or uni.

    • Jason in WY says:

      Apparently, you haven’t seen a modern uni curriculum recently. I finished my degree in the dark ages of the previous decade, and was required to take exactly one English class. It consisted, mostly, of ensuring students knew the pointy end of the stick was the part that made marks on paper….and most even struggled with that. You give higher education too much credit.

  14. Don Johnson says:

    I call it the pepper-shaker school
    of apostrophe use.
    Anon, Don

  15. Maybe a Palin fan?

    Just figured her name should be on this page somewhere.

    • Kristopher says:

      Would you like us to posts pictures of protest signs created by little socialist illiterates?

      Or peace protestors who are apparently Mercedes Benz fans?

    • Tam says:

      Maybe a Palin fan?

      ‘Cause that’s gotta be the dumbest chick in any of the 57 states, amirite?

      Sweet zombie Jesus, PDS already makes BDS look like a case of the common cold and she hasn’t even officially tossed her hat in the ring…

  16. sportsjim81 says:

    Nothing like the misuse of an apostrophe. My mother works for the Baltimore City school system and constantly sees student’s names that boggle the mind. This post reminds me of one I must share. The kids name was pronounced “Japostrophe” and spelled “J'”. Yes, you’re seeing that correctly, it’s a J with an apostrophe after it. Ladies and Gentleman, Baltimore City.

  17. Sigivald says:

    I blame the schools.

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