a not entirely placenta-free weekend.

What have we been up to here at Castle Frostbite this past weekend, you ask?

Oh, just the usual. You know, play dates with friends, cooking, hanging out in the yard, killing wasp nests, and taking a dog to the vet for a c-section. Raven birthed two pups naturally on Sunday morning, but decided that she was done with the whole affair after pup #2. We knew from the x-rays there was a third one in there, so we had to drive her and the pups over to the emergency vet clinic in Lebanon for some surgical assistance.

Mom and pups are fine and doing well:

That’s two boys and one girl, all (as you can see) black and tan. We’ll probably keep the girl, but the boys will go to new homes once they’re old enough.

Oh, yeah: Happy Fourth of July, friends and neighbors.


4 thoughts on “a not entirely placenta-free weekend.

  1. alan says:

    Dachshunds are ALL insane. But so cute!

  2. If I wasn’t already at capacity for dogs, I’d certainly be interested in both those pups. The Wifey and I decided that the next critter will be critters, and they’ll be from the same litter. I’d love some Dachsies!


  3. Stretch says:

    What’s better on the 4th than some wieners?

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