follow the rainbow.



8 thoughts on “follow the rainbow.

  1. misbeHaven says:

    It’s a double rainbow… hysterics to follow?

  2. Woohoo says:

    Hah, interesting coincidence. I just bought some rye whiskey at the state liquor store and some cider at a local, non-state owned liquor store. (Prefer to buy from establishments that aren’t run by the state where possible but they’ve usually got the market cornered on hard liquor selection) Never understood why, in a state with so many religious people against drinking, the gov’t is dispensing liquor. They don’t do that for prostitution or marijuana.

  3. Jake says:

    I’ve always wondered why the most libertarian-leaning of the 50 states doesn’t allow private industry to service the hard alcohol market. Seems like a massive blot on NH’s principles.

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