the week in preview.

This morning I woke up to find that it’s Monday, July 11. This has several implications.

This little fellow and his brother are now a week and a day old:

They have more than doubled their birth weight, and now clock in at 25-ish ounces. They’re fat and happy, and they do what puppies usually do at that age, which is to sleep a lot and nurse on their mother whenever they’re not sleeping. We’re going for a vet checkup with mommy and pups on Thursday, but I have no concerns with these guys.

July 11 also means that I’ll be off to Burlington for Readercon on Friday. I’ll be there until Sunday morning or so. For those of you attending, come stop by at the Beneath Ceaseless Skies reading at 2:30 on Saturday, where I’ll be reading my short story “Ink and Blood”. I haven’t decided yet if I’ll bring enough martinis to share with the group, but it’s a distinct possibility.

Until then, however, I still have to do an armload of crits for friends, and try to write myself out of the corner I managed to get into with TWO NOVELS AT THE SAME TIME. This is why I started noodling with several projects simultaneously–when you get stuck on one, just keep working on the other until a solution comes to mind. The disdvantage is that when you’re stuck on both, you’re twice as screwed.

Anyway: pushing the narrative boulder up the hill until Friday, then Readercon for the weekend. Be there, or be an equilateral rectangle.


3 thoughts on “the week in preview.

  1. zee Pups!

    See you Friday. I will be the tall schvitzing one. But I think you knew that already.

  2. Yoda Mann says:

    So freaking cute. You can hardly stand it

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