brief readercon recap.

I just got back in from Readercon, and boy is my liver tired.

I had a great time with my friends Claire and Chang. My first reading (as part of the Beneath Ceaseless Skies author reading) went swimmingly. It was one of the bigger con suites, and there were probably 25 people in attendance. I didn’t make a complete ass of myself, so there’s that. Reading bedtime stories to kids every night for six years makes for decent reading-out-loud training.

I didn’t go to bed until 2:30am or so on both nights because it was just too much fun socializing with like-minded folks, and talking to old friends I hadn’t seen since Viable Paradise in 2008. As is typical at writer-type gatherings, the evenings just slowly dissolved in what can only be described as staggering amounts of alcohol. At one point, we were sampling some excellent home-brewed beers in a room that was meant to hold two guests, but filled to “standing room only” capacity with twenty people.

I met Mary Robinette Kowal, albeit briefly, and saw (but did not get to say hello to) Marjorie M. Liu and Neil Gaiman and his wife Amanda Palmer. The Gaiman entourage walked in just as we were checking out, and I didn’t have time to hang around and fanboy-stalk Neil Gaiman breathlessly, but Chang did and got some pictures to commemorate the deed.

All in all, it was an excellent weekend, even with the lack of sleep. I met old friends again, got to make a bunch of new ones, and had my first con experience as a neo-pro. And now, with my motivation tanks freshly refilled, it’s back to work.


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