the end for borders.

And that’s it for Borders. All remaining 399 stores are closing, some possibly as early as the coming weekend.

The one in West Leb is going to leave a big hole in the storefront lineup on 11A (and, incidentally, in the book store variety around here—it was the only big bookstore in a sixty-mile radius, the next B&N being in Manchester.)

So long, Borders. I’ve written a fair amount of words for the last few novels there. Now I’ll have to find a new hangout for my weekly Dadcations…


14 thoughts on “the end for borders.

  1. Chang says:

    Whoa. My wife was just up there today getting some books. I may have to go in Friday and see what I can get for cheap. Buy out all their yoga, music, affen-pornen, guns & knives books.

    What this does for my area is fascinating. If I’m right, the only bookstores int he area now are a shitty little Walden Books, a books/music/crap store and the greatly awesome Longfellow Books which is the lone bookstore in Portland. The. Only. One.

    Perhaps the strident BUY LOCAL movement here is winning.

    I still plan to gut that Borders.

  2. Fortunately we have a Barnes and Noble also nearby, but they are not in the healthiest shape either.

  3. Marko Kloos says:

    We’ll have a few Used Books places locally, and the college bookshops in Hanover. The next big bookstore will be 70 miles away, down in Manchester.

  4. Lanius says:

    affen pornen?

    Sounds like pig german for monkey porn, but then I don’t know much german..

  5. Elizabeth says:

    Meh. Have known Borders was taking for years, actively boycotted them over pulling the Reason edition with the cartoon of Muhammad.

    Unfortunately, the only real bookstore in town is Borders. The next real bookstore is 100 mi. away in Tri-Cities, or 130 mi. (in the opposite direction) away in Issaquah. Ugh

  6. Smasher says:

    Back when I was in college I used to frequent the original Borders store on State St. in Ann Arbor.


  7. wolfwalker says:

    Chang, Waldenbooks is a subsidiary of Borders. It will probably go too.

    I suppose in theory this isn’t a great loss for me, since the nearest Borders was up in Concord, where I don’t get very often. The Manchester B&N is much closer. On the other hand … I don’t much like B&N. I’d rather buy online.

    Good-bye, Borders. You will be missed.

  8. There’s a pretty decent coffeeshop in White River Junction, it’s not usually busy Saturday mornings.

    • Marko Kloos says:

      I guess this is as good a time as any to go check it out. I have a feeling our West Leb Borders will be a little busy from now until the shelves are picked clean.

  9. Fred2 says:


    B&N’s, et al, will move in on the better locations. So some of youse will be alright.

    I’m feeling it too, I used to live next to the best funded municipal library ever: Their “new books” section was 5 ft high, 25 ft long, x 7 units, double sided. NICE books.

    Then I moved here, the library blows. The Local Borders, which was bigger, is shutting down.

    Luckily I’m in shopping heaven, so 20min gets me to another huge book depot, but still….

    Sad to see them go.

  10. Bill says:

    People still buy physical books? 🙂

    One more result of poor management, stupidity, and electronics.

  11. LittleRed1 says:

    Hometown never had a Borders, but I liked going to them when I went to a big city (Santa Fe was the last one I went to), especially for quirky history books and foreign magazines. I think they lost their niche as far as what market they were trying to cater to.

    That said, Hometown has enough page emporia to keep my budget whimpering. We have a B&N and several outlets of a regional books, music et cetera chain, plus used bookstores ranging from “Bodice Rippers R Us: the Harlequin (C) Haus” to a “We Know Exactly what they Are Worth so no Wheedling” specialty bookstore. There’s one local coffee shop but they burn beans so often that I can’t stand to be downwind of the place, let alone go inside.

  12. Carl H. says:

    I always used to meet my Dad and my Sister at the local Borders, and we’d go eat lunch after we’d all had half an hour or so of book shopping. I’ll miss ’em.

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