borders loot, and ZOMG the heat.

Our local Borders in West Lebanon started its Going Out Of Business sale today, and I was in the area with the kids, so I stopped by. Considering the circumstances, the staff were downright chipper.

The kids got a book each—a giant dinosaur pop-up book for Quinn, and a Winnie the Pooh picture book for Lyra. I got this:

Borders closing sale 003

That’s the latest in the “Knights Who Say ‘Fuck’” fantasy series, and four more Piccadilly graph-ruled medium notebooks. Borders was my source for the Piccadillys, which are perfectly serviceable Moleskine clones. With the current “Ah, Fuck It” discount at Borders, the medium ones are a hair over four bucks a pop, whereas the Moleskines in the same size are $12 and change. Luckily, I’m a packrat when it comes to paper, so I have enough Piccadillys of all sizes stashed away to keep me scribbling for a decade or so.

The minivan has a leak in the Freon system, which means that I got to do a three-store grocery run with two kids without a functioning AC today. The console thermometer showed 101 degrees while I was stuck in traffic on our shopping mile in West Leb, and it felt like driving the van through a giant pizza oven.

I was going to do something productive this afternoon, but after this morning, I just want to sit in front of a fan and chug ice-cold beverages for the rest of the day.


3 thoughts on “borders loot, and ZOMG the heat.

  1. Tam says:

    Pizza ovens have lower humidity.

  2. Will says:

    It’s not much mentioned, but the R-134a, in use since the great ozone scare, has a very bad health effect: breathing the stuff from a leaking system will destroy your liver. They first discovered this when the overhead crane operators in a facility in Brazil developed problems. The A/C system was mounted in the roof, and had a leak. The older R-12 freon was only toxic when the gas was burned.

  3. Carl H. says:

    Enjoy ‘A Dance with Dragons’. Long wait, but so far it seems to be worth it.

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