Quinn “borrowed” my point-and-shoot camera and snapped a few pictures this morning. The resulting photo series is kind of interesting, a vignette of things important to a six-year-old.

The kids, July 2011 009The kids, July 2011 010The kids, July 2011 011The kids, July 2011 016The kids, July 2011 022


7 thoughts on “point-‘n-shoot.

  1. Chris Allen says:

    Heh. My kids do the same thing. The results can be quite interesting.

  2. Samuel Weaver says:


  3. Ali says:

    Adorable. Absolutely adorable. 🙂

  4. abnormalist says:

    When I bought my 4YO a digital camera I learned how much of her life is occupied by door knobs.

    I have an entire set of door knob photos, I plan on eventually doing an andy whorholesque door knob compilation with her work

  5. My son used to (when he was 7 or so) methodically take pictures – sequentially – of every page in his favorite (picture) books. We kept telling him “You OWN this book. This book is YOURS.” Perhaps he was cataloguing them for insurance purposes?

  6. Justthisguy says:

    ab, I’ve read of strange autistic perseverations (mine run to guns and airplanes) but doorknobs are a new one for me.

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