a whale of a time.

What we did with our Wednesday:

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It was a perfect 80-degree day. There was only a little bit of shipboard barfing involved. We saw a trio of fin whales, who obliged the camera-wielding hairless apes in their noisy metal float by surfacing several times. Afterward, we had a tasty lunch at a lobster shack in the harbor, and brought home some fresh lobsters that had been skipping across the bottom of the Gulf of Maine just a day or two prior.

New Hampshire is an awesome place. From where we live, it’s just two hours to the Atlantic coast, the White Mountains, Canada, or Boston. And yet I can shoot in my front yard without asking permission or pissing off the neighbors, we have the cheapest hooch in the country, shall-issue carry permits are $10 for four years (and may soon go the Vermont route), you can buy freshly-caught lobster and eat fresh clam chowder at roadside stands, the fall in New England is the most gorgeous season anywhere, and I can open a bag of Rolos in public with a switchblade without incurring the wrath of the local constabulary.

As far as Wednesdays go, this one was one of the better ones. Hope yours was tolerable, too.

(For the curious: We went with Granite State Whale Watching. It was a four-hour trip out to Jeffreys Ledge, and we have no complaints at all about the service or value received.)


12 thoughts on “a whale of a time.

  1. Justin Buist says:

    “… we have the cheapest hooch in the country…”

    I’ll vouch for that. The wife and I went through there on our Honeymoon a few years back and randomly landed in a hotel room across the street from one of the state stores. Curious, we just had to check it out.

    Holy crap! Some states do the state store thing just to keep consumption down but NH appears to have treated it like city provided water. Unreal. Everything was half what it cost in Michigan.

  2. Samuel Weaver says:

    It sounds wonderful, especially the 80 degree thing, since I’ve been suffering in 98 degrees and, it seems like, 100% humidity. Big drawback in Canada & Boston however. Memphis may be lots more dangerous but at least I have a chance to fight back with a legally carried firearm.

  3. Ali says:

    Sounds like a really awesome day. Love the pictures — and I’m totally sold on visiting New Hampshire/Maine someday.

  4. Kaerius says:

    My first response to seeing whales in the water would be “quick, we gotta get into our scuba gear!”

  5. Tam says:

    You had me at “80 degrees”.

  6. Al T. says:

    Sounds great, but that fluffy white death that drops from the sky keeps me in the tourist mode.

  7. Alan Fisher says:

    Yah, you do seem to be leaving out the 7 months of the year that earned your abode the name of “Castle Frostbite”. The other 5 sound good!

  8. Jay G. says:

    The other seven months of the year keep the riff-raff out…

  9. O.W. says:

    “We saw a trio of fin whales[…] Afterward, we had a tasty lunch at a lobster shack in the harbor”

    Am I the only person who had to laugh when they read that?

  10. Mopar says:

    Cant wait until I can move into the neighborhood and bring down your home value!

  11. Marko Kloos says:

    Robin says some of you are filthy snow-haters, but that you’re invited to enjoy some mulled wine by a warm hearth anyway come winter.

  12. wolfwalker says:

    Yeah, Granite State Whale Watch is good people, and they know their business. They rarely fail to deliver the goods for their passengers. Highly recommended for a half-day out on the water.

    Fin whales are right nifty critters, but humpback whales are better watching … and possibly best of all is when they pick up a pod of dolphins.

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