my first (brief) review.

Lois Tilton at Locus Online reviews (among many other stories for July) Ink and Blood. Looks like she liked it some, but didn’t love it, which is of course a matter of personal taste. Still, it’s exciting to see that my stuff is being read.


4 thoughts on “my first (brief) review.

  1. “But I can’t quite be convinced that it’s so necessary for the Weald’s spells to be written down in order to work.”

    Sounds like a request for a sequel to me!

  2. yankeefried says:

    My daughter thought it was “OK”.

    High praise from her…..

  3. Lanius says:

    Writers need a cast iron ego to succeed, some say. You’d be doing something badly if you never got a good review. Or were Tom Kratman.

    Though, I doubt you are ever gonna top Iain Banks’s achievement.

    When they wanted to buy his manuscript, (Wasp Factory), the editor. I think showed up with a bodyguard. They were afraid of the author 😀

  4. irish red says:

    So, the complaint is that your fantasy story is not believable enough? Right. Well, maybe next time you will consult the 2011 Fantasy Writers Handbook of Approved Plot Devices and Ideas (FWHAPDI).

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