tablet for cheep! wurks reel gud!

If you don’t have a tablet device yet, and you don’t want to drop the $499 on an iPad, here’s a cheaper way. BestBuy is blowing out their massive stock of HP TouchPads for $99 a pop for the low-end 16GB model.

HP launched the Touchpad as an iPad competitor, but it failed to gain traction. Reportedly, BestBuy only managed to sell 10% of their stock of a quarter million TouchPads so far. Now that HP has killed the TouchPad, BestBuy is getting rid of inventory. I’ve played with the TouchPad at Best Buy before, and while it’s no iPad, webOS is actually kind of nice. And hell–for $99, it’s practically an impulse buy now.

(They’re sold out online, so you’ll have to hit your local BestBuy and see if they still have any in stock.)


13 thoughts on “tablet for cheep! wurks reel gud!

  1. Les Jones says:

    Could a 7 year old play her Facebook games on one of those?

  2. laura m says:

    Barnes & Noble’s got’em for $101.

  3. Jake says:

    Word of caution: These tablets are on sale because HP has decided to abandon WebOS. At this point, there is no word on if they’re going to sell the patents, open-source it, or what.

    They’ll continue to work, but don’t expect any bug fixes or updates of any kind. It’s sad, really. WebOS is a good operating system, but Palm and HP ended up killing it through poor management decisions and a few design errors.

  4. Ali says:

    Wow, that is a fantastic deal. Thanks for pointing it out!

  5. Joe Allen says:

    Folks are already hard at work porting android over to this thing. That will make it much more useful.

    I had one of the original Palm Pre’s. WebOS had a lot of potential, just not enough market share to take off.

    • Jake says:

      I had one, too. Palm skimped on the hardware, so they developed a reputation as crappy phones – lots of people needed to have them replaced under warranty due to design defects.

      They also blew it on the software – they essentially threw away everything in the PIM apps that Palm had built its reputation on, and what they replaced it with was pathetic – and it shipped with a lot of features still “to be released with a later update”. You had to root it and install a bunch of hacks to get things like the calendar and address book to be really useful (though the UberCalendar hack was awesome, and blew away Android’s calendar app, and even what I’ve seen on the iPhone/iTouch).

      The OS itself, however, was truly awesome. I still miss the card view for switching/managing apps. Maybe they’ll open source it, or sell the right patents to Google.

  6. Mer says:

    They’re all gone. You can call your local store and ask, but there isn’t a touchpad left in the state of NY. CLEARLY HP has found it’s pricepoint.

  7. Bobby Hunter says:

    These are designed to be linux compatible, so it really doesn’t matter if HP kills webOS. There are several brands of linux designed to run on tablets.

    The real tragedy here is that HP rolled their own linux instead of using Android which is already well established and well supported.

  8. Linoge says:

    Nuts. Both of our Best Buys sold out, and our Barnes and Nobles never had them in stock in the physical store. Oh well :(.

  9. Jake says:

    Got mine from Radio Shack the other day, great tablet, but now I don’t know what to do with it since I’m on a desktop most of the day.

  10. Joanna says:

    Fudge me, as much as I want one, I can’t justify dropping any money at all on a touchscreen device. They don’t work with water on the surface, and my hands produce that substance in abnormal quantities. (I had a touchscreen phone for a short time, so this isn’t just guesswork.) Eet ees, how you say, tres frustrating.

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