stormpocalypse 2011!

That hurricane what is flooding the streets in NYC right now is heading right up the Connecticut River valley. Here’s the projected track:


See that light beige storm track going through the outline of New Hampshire? Castle Frostbite sits right in the middle of it. According to the weather druids, it’ll pass over us at 6pm tonight.

Right now we have quite a bit of rain and some decently strong winds. I expect it will pick up a little as the storm gets closer. We have power (obviously), but I fully expect it to go out at some point. We have the usual stash of supplies, and at least I don’t have to keep a wood stove going during summer outages. Still, no Internet for hours may turn out traumatic.


9 thoughts on “stormpocalypse 2011!

  1. Jay G. says:

    Huh. Judging from the path shown, we appear to be outside the zone completely. We’ll see. It’s pretty hairy right now, with wind gusts already rattling the windows and shaking the trees silly.

    Here’s hoping any disruptions are minimal, Marko!

  2. Joat says:

    The last storm that took out power here broke the internet, I can make power on site, I can’t make internet, it was not pretty.

  3. Standard Mischief says:

    Irene was a cakewalk compared to Isabel, even though the former was a hurricane and the latter just a tropical storm. The center of the storm passed me by at about 100 miles, so winds only spiked up to about 40mph. No lighting with this storm as far as I could tell, and I didn’t lose power.

  4. scotaku says:

    Can you see the line in the sky? Here near amazing Boston, it’s kinda windy and sorta rainy. I’m anticipating an upgrade patch soon, though.

  5. Toni says:

    We’re just north of NYC – much rain, but the winds didn’t materialize, thank goodness! Hope it’s not too bad for you…

  6. Peter says:

    Hey! Isn’t tonight WoWCrack night? This could be an unmitigated disastrophe!

  7. Al T. says:

    95 degrees today, bright sunshinny day… I’ll take a hurricane or two over snow any time…

  8. Kristopher says:

    Be sure to post a disaster picture of a piece of overturned plastic lawn furniture.

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