the new desks, they are in. so’s the hernia.

As threatened, here’s a picture of the new setup:

Computer business on the left side, longhand stuff on the right side.

Cleaning those things up took a while. I thought the corners had a bit of wear on them, but it turned out to be dark grime from years and years of people rubbing their paws across the edges daily. I used liberal amounts of germ-killing cleaner and elbow grease, and there’s very little wear on the wood underneath. Getting those desks into the house was an adventure as well–in the most narrow dimension, the computer desk is precisely as wide as our front door, and we only got the desk through said door after removing the drawer handle. The other desk, being wider by a few inches, had to take a ride on the dolly around the house and through the patio sliding glass door, which had to have its handles and door stop removed to open sufficiently wide.

Anyway. Now they’re all set up, and it’s time for me to have a drink and look forward to this:

Lamb shanks braised in red wine, with garlic, onions and carrots. Yum.


11 thoughts on “the new desks, they are in. so’s the hernia.

  1. Dick Pilz says:

    Recipe, please? I love lamb.

    That looks like a great brew on the electro desk. Tea or beer? I go for Lapsang Souchong or Widmer Alt myself.

    • Marko Kloos says:

      It’s a “Drecksack”…beer and Coke. Refreshing summer drink, and a good way to make a mediocre beer drinkable. In the mornings it’s tea, during the day water.

      • LabRat says:

        I find it faintly hilarious that my solution to the same problem is beer and tomato juice, and that we would probably find each other’s libation mutually horrifying…

        • Dick Pilz says:

          I am fortunate enough to live in town with over 40 breweries, so this “mediocre beer” you speak of is hard to find. Some recent out-of-state arrivals mention something called “PBR” but it sounds too much like Budwasser for me to track down. Life is too short to drink NAIL (North American Industrial Lager).

        • I only add tomato juice to a spicy green chili beer, Coopersmith Sigda’s Green Chili. Or, I use it as a chaser. Never tried it with regular beer.

          My favorite Drecksack is Coke Zero and Crabtree Ginger Bee, a sweet and slightly spicy Blonde Ale.

        • Windy Wilson says:

          I’ve had Drecksack, I’ve even made it myself, although when I learned how to make it it was called Schwartzenegger, which may be local to Salzburg.
          Even Iced Tea and Beer isn’t as bad as it sounds, although I notice that there is no actor’s name associated with it. Beer and tomato juice????

  2. Ed Skinner says:

    Looks great, and it’s nice to see the Dana/AlphaSmart hiding back there, too.
    FYI: Longhand standing up doesn’t work for me. I have to sit. Something about the concentration and needing to use legs, stay balanced or something in all that just doesn’t work.
    I recently added an iPad2 into the mix and, with a WAP added to the home network, I love it. Lots of fun and lots of inspiration with very little to carry, kind’a like the Dana but with pictures. But for extended typing, I added a bluetooth keyboard which is going to work well once I get one that’s of a respectable size — the little ones are almost as bad as the on-screen.
    The WordPress-compatible free add-on works reasonably well but it’s generic so it doesn’t know about theme-specific features. And some bug in the regular web surfer app doesn’t do scroll bars in my theme-specific (twentyeleven) dashboard. [Sigh.]
    Well, damn, I’ve written half a blog as a frick’in comment again!

  3. BobG says:

    That lamb looks pretty good.

  4. The lamb looks delicious!

    I have to ask, what kind of shoes to you wear while working, or do you go barefoot? That’s one of the main problems I foresee in any kind of standing work set-up for myself. I have really bad feet, and I can’t imagine standing on them for hours on end. I’d have to get some top-notch footwear with orthotics before I’d make an attempt.

    • Marko Kloos says:

      Most of the time I don’t wear shoes in the house. My feet are actually OK on the laminate floor. Robin ordered some anti-fatigue mats, and I’ll try those out once they get in.

      You don’t start with eight-hour standing days. It takes a few weeks to adjust to the standing setup. For the first few weeks, I took sitting breaks on a bar stool whenever I needed them. Now, after three months, I can stand at my desk all day long without a problem. (There’s plenty of moving around involved, of course, so it’s not like you’re standing in one spot all day.) I’ve not used that bar stool since Week Four or so.

  5. msmouse7 says:

    So glad something good has come out of Borders closing. Your work setup looks like a winner to me!

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