tuesday randomosity.

Pup #1 went with his new family yesterday. He will be living in New York state, in a household with other dachshunds. His new owners named him “Rocket”.

Pup #2, Arthur, did OK by himself until this morning around 3AM when he started howling and barking…and kept up the ruckus for what felt like the better part of an hour. It’s amazing how a dog that small can crank out a racket that loud. As a result, Robin and I got a few hours less sleep than usual, so I was dragging a bit this morning. Arthur won’t be going to his new home until October, and I sincerely hope the little shit won’t repeat that performance every night until then. If he does, I’ll have to buy artillery-grade earplugs.

We’re going to the Scottish Highland Games in Lincoln, NH this coming weekend. We went last year and liked it so much that we put in a reservation for this year as well. I’ll be wearing a kilt at the Tartan Ball Dinner & Dance, but with some luck, there won’t be any incriminating photographic evidence of the event. I also have tickets for the Scotch tasting on Saturday, so there’s a built-in good time right there.

The last few months have been all go-go-go, but with the onset of the fall I feel like I’m getting my equilibrium back. There’s still plenty of work to do to get the Castle ready for the winter, and there’s always writing work on my plate, but it doesn’t feel like rolling a millstone uphill anymore. I’m probably weird in that respect, but I don’t care much for the summer. Too hot, too many bugs, lawn that needs mowing every week…no sir, give me a crisp New England autumn instead. For my money, it could be late September weather all year long, but then just about everyone would want to live here.

How’s that for a diary-type entry? I need to keep that kind of stuff in check, lest they kick me off WordPress and make me switch to LiveJournal…


9 thoughts on “tuesday randomosity.

  1. German in a kilt? There’s a joke in there somewhere.

  2. Joanna says:

    I am in complete agreement re: Late September weather (although here in Indiana, it comes in mid-October). Anything hotter than 70 degrees, I start to get sticky. I want air that burns in my lungs when I breathe, and crunchy leaves under trees that have half-turned, and skies so blue it hurts to look at them. Plus we leave DST, which means the clocks match up with the sun again. It’s much more natural.

  3. What Joanna beautifully said, plus we get to run the woodstoves again! Hooray!
    Relining the chimney w/($pendy)SS this year, so THAT annual chore is behind me…

  4. “I’ll be wearing a kilt at the Tartan Ball Dinner & Dance, but with some luck, there won’t be any incriminating photographic evidence of the event.”

    Dude, I’ve been going kilted every day since the first of the month, and will be until September 30. I like it so much, I’ll probably wear them frequently from now on.

    In case you haven’t noticed, there’s a few gun bloggers going kilted for the month of September to raise awareness for prostate cancer.

  5. perlhaqr says:

    But Marko! His brother is missing! This is clearly important.

  6. LittleRed1 says:

    Add me to the autumn fans list. To me summer is heat, getting up at 0500 to get things done before the heat and sunlight get too ferocious, lethal storms, and lots of invocations to the deity that the plane will not use as much runway as my calculations say it will, followed by the summer ritual chant of: “climb baby, nice plane, good plane, climb plane.” I prefer crisp days, chilly nights and stew weather.

  7. Jeff/zeeke42 says:

    I love Autumn in New England except for the fact that it means that Winter in New England is coming.

  8. mopar says:

    Miss ya by a week again. We’ll be up that way the weekend after. Make sure to stop by Woodstock Brewery and have a tasty Autumn Ale.

  9. AnthonyL. says:

    I have been to the Highland Games a few times myself, and it always beautiful up there. I especially love the bagpipes, and how they echo off the mountains. I am about as far from Scottish heritage as one can be, but one must love the Scots…anyone who would burn dirt to make great whiskey is good with me.

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