and so they go out into the world, tails wagging.

We got an email from Pup #2’s new owners this morning. Rocket (his new name) is doing very well, picked up potty training amazingly fast, and got a great bill of health from the vet when he went in for his third round of shots.

What made me smile was their comment that Rocket’s owner is walking him to the bus stop twice a day to see the kids off to school, and that he has achieved “rock star status” with all the kids in the neighborhood as a result.

Rocket’s new family had an older dachshund that had to be euthanized a few days after Rocket joined the family, so his presence mitigates a bit of the pain from that loss. He’s well loved, which makes all the work and heartbreak we had with this litter worthwhile. Pup #1, Arthur, will be picked up by his new owner in a few weeks. He’s going to Virginia with a friend of ours. She’s a major animal lover, and Arthur–like his brother–will not be missing any comforts or care in his life.

Dogs really are the ultimate evolutionary success story. They’ve wormed their way into our hovels and hearts in only a few ten thousand years of cohabitation. Sneaky little shits, they are.

Arthur and Rocket


3 thoughts on “and so they go out into the world, tails wagging.

  1. John Richard/Texas says:

    Dogs are the perfect example of unconditional love. The thought of these bastards like Vick in the NFL who kill them-if there’s a hell there’s a special place for people who do this. Your children are so fortunate-can you imagine kids who have to grow up without pets? As always, thanks for sharing a part of your lives.

  2. jefferson101 says:

    Or sneaky “not-so-little” crapheads, they are. I have about 65 pounds of Boxer sitting here drooling on my leg as I type. She thinks I should be playing with her instead of doing this.

    She’s drooling because she’s working her squeaky-toy over. I’m supposed to take it and play with her. Which, I guess I’d better do. Chinese obligations, actually, but both we and they take that seriously.

    At least all of mine have, including this one. Unconditional love? Yes. But also unconditional permanent dependency. If you bring one home, you better be ready to deal with fear of thunder in the middle of the night, strange anxieties about something out in the yard at any and all hours, and a full time job of loving them back, and playing with them, and exercising them, and watching their health, and feeding and watering, grooming, bathing, bug removal and prevention, and on and on and on.

    They would be a lot like work, if they weren’t my best friends.

    How can I deny her my time and some dog food and suchlike? She’s my shadow, and she wants to be. Now I got to go mess with her for a while.

    Dogs. I wouldn’t live without one.

  3. Ted N says:

    Haven’t had dogs before the pair I have now, and they’re awesome. I love my mutts.

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