YAKU–yet another knife update.

I contacted Kershaw about the broken torsion bar on my Blur, and Brittany at Kershaw Customer Service told me they’d send me a replacement for free. She also said to send the knife in for a free warranty repair if I had any problems.

Torsion bar arrived in the mail yesterday, took about five minutes to install, and now the Blur is restored to proper *snikt*-ness. So thanks, Kershaw, for backing up your products with great customer service. Mad props, or whatever the kids say these days.



7 thoughts on “YAKU–yet another knife update.

  1. Tam says:

    You know, most of the big name knife companies have really great customer service. Other industries should take notes.

  2. A YAKU:

    The Kershaw is broke
    A call makes it all better
    Customer service!

  3. Kristopher says:

    I still have my Kershaw … it’s gutted every deer I have killed. Carbon steel, not 440.

    I wish they had orange grips for it, as I have almost lost it twice during the process. Green grips on a hunting knife was not a good idea on my part.

  4. Gerry N. says:

    I found a Buck folding hunter in a parking lot about fifteen years ago. The blade was open and broken, half was missing. I sent it to Buck for an estimate of cost of repair with instructions to toss it if repairing it was more than half the cost of replacing it. I told them that it was a found knife. Buck simply sent me a new, identical knife at no charge. Their nefarious ploy worked. I have bought nearly a dozen buck knives since then both for myself and as gifts. I’ve still got the one they gave me, it’s in my hunting pack in case I encounter a suicidal deer or am attacked by a covey of saber toothed grouse.

  5. evan price says:

    Kershaw’s customer service is outstanding.
    I carry a Scallion daily, and have several times broken the end of the blade off by using it in ways knives should never be used. Round trip there-and-back-again in less than a few weeks, and knife is good as new. I’m a customer for life, and have bought several Kershaws and refer them to anyone asking for a good EDC utility knife.

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