my two cents on the demise of colonel frootloop.

So Colonel Fruitcake met his deserved end at the business end of an AK-47. It’s not quite clear yet whether the rebels gave him the Mussolini treatment, or whether he died in a crossfire between the rebels and his own bodyguards. Either way, it’s no great loss for humanity.

Side note: Ga-Ka-Quadaffi’s escape was thwarted by bombs from a FRENCH plane. Of all the Causes of Death possible in this world, “Killed by the French” has got to rank as one of the most shameful ones, right below “Accidental Auto-Erotic Asphyxiation” and only slightly above “Death By Infection From That Tiny African Worm That Swims Up Your Wing-Wang”.


19 thoughts on “my two cents on the demise of colonel frootloop.

  1. Richard K/Texas says:

    Did the guy deserve his humiliating end? Probably. But we should keep in mind that no man, no regime, can govern a country without its permission. All the guns, all the chemicals, all the boogie man tactics won’t work if the people truly reject the government. Look at the Commies taking over China in 1949, the Vietnamese in the seventies, etc. Not to say that what’s coming is going to be any better. Unfortunately, people in that part of world tend to deteriorate into some sort of tribal allegiances over a national one. Our problem as Americans is that, like with Vietnam, we still don’t get that not everyone wants to live like us. I don’t get the part about the French, unless you’ve been listening too much to Baby Bush and his sandbox friends. It’s still nothing we’re proud of in Texas, and I can only hope the Repoopicans have enough sense to send Perry back to Austin.

    • karrde says:

      I suspect that the thing about the French is that the nation of France hasn’t seen many unaided military victories. At least, not since a Corsican led their armies in a tour of Europe in the early 1800’s.

      This opinion is kind of easy to hold, whatever your (or my) opinion of Pres. Bush the younger.

      OTOH, the French seem to be doing part of NATO’s work in the region. At least, their Air Force is dropping explosives on targets.

    • ATLien says:

      The French were crappy at war way before W.

      Check yourself before you look like a douche.

      Oops, too late.

      • Richard K/Texas says:

        Look in your own pants, moron. I’ll match my knowledge of the history of war, European or otherwise, against yours any day of the year. And you show a little too much familiarity with women’s hygiene instruments for my comfort.

  2. karrde says:

    On the general subject…was this the guy that Obama and company said was not a valid target?

    If so, that didn’t really change the ending, though it may have changed the course of the uprising. Would Q/K/G/?adaffi have tried to settle things with the protestors and leave quietly if he knew that NATO forces were actively seeking to bump him off? I can’t tell.

    The real question is, as you say, who (or what structure) will emerge after the dust settles.

  3. Kristopher says:

    That worm is Amazonian, BTW.

  4. Kristopher says:

    And it’s a fish.

  5. jbrock says:

    And it’s a fish.

    And even more specifically, a vampire catfish.

    Happy Halloween. 😉

  6. T. Munk says:

    Getting iced by the French isn’t half as embarrassing as being in charge of a country for several decades and never getting promoted past the rank of Colonel. 😀

  7. Marja says:

    And a tupee, it seems.

    At least these types still grow old like the rest of us. The scariest part of possible immortality or age prolonging treatments is the thought of future colonel Fruitloops staying young and virile looking for decades or centuries. It’s probably a lot easier to get a rebellion going against an old man with a tupee than it is against the young and still strong looking one.

  8. MarkHB says:

    All I care is that the passengers and crew of Clipper Maid of the Seas, Pam Am flight 103, finally get to say….

    “Hi, asshole!”

    Closure. Available in 9mm, 5.56mm, 7.62mm and 120mm APFSDS-T. Don’t much mind if it’s served by a SEAL or a local with an opportunity. Quite a trophy wall this year.

    All that’s left on my list is Jar-Jar Binks and the guy who cancelled Firefly.

    • ATLien says:

      I’m with you with Firefly. You would think that karma would take care of that, but there’s little of that in Hollywood.

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