it looks like an akhibara sidewalk sale in this house.

Just for the hell of it, here is the current inventory of Intertubes technology here at Castle Frostbite.

Wife’s computer: AMD Phenom x4 quad-core beastie, put together by your correspondent from a barebones kit. 1TB HD, Geforce 9800 graphics for EXTREME WARCRAFTING. Runs Windows 7.

My computer: Apple Mac mini (late 2009), upgraded to 4GB RAM and a 320GB 7200rpm HD. Runs Mac OS X Snow Leopard.

Office computer (wife): Gateway Core 2 Duo workhorse. 3GB RAM, 750GB HD. Runs Windows 7.

Office computer (mine): Zotac ION nettop box, put together by your correspondent and etc. 2GB RAM, 320GB HD. Runs Ubuntu 10.11.

Travel computer: Asus Eee 1001PX netbook. 1GB RAM, 250GB HD. Runs Ubuntu 10.04. Came with Windows 7 Starter, but runs much better with Ubuntu.

Kid computer: Dell Inspiron 1200 laptop. 256MB RAM, runs Windows XP, perfectly sufficient for Reader Rabbit and iSpy.

Miscellaneous internet-capable tech: one iPhone 4S, one iPhone 4, one iPad, one iPod touch.

In the attic: one eMac G4 running OS9 and OS X Tiger, one Pentium 4-based PC running Windows XP, two large plastic storage tubs full of assorted peripherals, cables, connectors, drives, and other computer-related flotsam.

I swear, if I dragged all our tech out for a yard sale, our driveway would look like a Radio Shack collided with a Best Buy.


16 thoughts on “it looks like an akhibara sidewalk sale in this house.

  1. Jeff/zeeke42 says:

    I had a basement full of old tech crap until I hauled a bunch of it to the MIT flea market. I came home with the car much lighter and my wallet $250 heavier. It pained me to sell 3 working machines less hard drives to a scrap dealer for $5 at the end of the day, but it beat carrying them home. One of them was the machine I built to head off to college in 2000. It hadn’t been in regular service since 2005, but it took starting to run out of storage space to get me over my nostalgia.

  2. ILTim says:

    Heh. I “gave up” the “computer hobby” many years ago and bought my first laptop under the premise that I would not be able to dissemble and tinker, plus I’d be relaxing on the couch instead of sitting at a desk like at work.

    It’s mostly been a successful move, until a few weeks ago when I looked around my living room and realized I have (or will have)…. five computing devices all for myself. My living room does NOT look like a best buy, though. I have two laptops, one is stashed away and should be given away or discarded since I don’t use it anymore. I have one Windows 7 Media Center PC running my TV that I built using a case that looks like a stereo, and operate with a normal looking IR remote control and a Bluetooth keyboard. Then there is the iPhone, and the coming Kindle Fire, both being ‘tablets’ by some definitions.

    Oddly, so many devices with ever expanding computer capabilities just means more overlapping devices, doesn’t it? Consolidation my arse. If your keeping score that’s essentially four devices that do nearly the same things, with 3.5″ 7″ 17″ and 50″ screens.

  3. I just took an old G4 tower into the basement where hopefully it will rot into nothingness like everything else that goes down there. I shudder to think about what kind of crap we have around here. Off the top of my head we have two dormant G4 laptops, an iBook, a Macbook, a Macbook Pro and my Mac Mini. It’s like COLOSSUS: THE FORBIN PROJECT all up in here!!!

  4. Andreas says:

    Glad to see another Ubuntu user!

  5. freddyboomboom says:

    Did you mean Akihabara?

    Let’s see… 2 different flavors of Palm PDA, Two WinCE PDA, and an MS-DOS (in ROM) PDA (HP 1000CX). Sparcstation 20, Wintel desktop built by me, and a newer Mac Mini. Acer netbook. Forthcoming iPad2 and Kindle Fire.


  6. NYEMT says:

    I’m somewhere in the Stone Age by comparison. My laptop (HP Pavilion bought in 2005-ish, which came with [shudder] Vista, and was promptly backgraded to XP), Missus’ laptop (Dell Inspiron, bought Xmas ’09, running Windows 7), “House PC” (translation: “Kid pooter” – HP Pavilion tower circa 2002, which barely runs at all thanks to Webkinz and other kid-related malware), Acer netbook for travel, and two Samsung Windows Mobile smartphones (I refuse to spend money on new phones; I get whatever’s “free” when it’s time to upgrade and renew).

  7. winston says:

    My main desktop is a Pentium 4 from 2006, which I paid $120 for to a guy who picked it up at the dump. It’s been fun “maxxing out” this thing with a graphics card, 2 TB hard drive, a second gig of ram, dual monitors, and a second case fan to keep it all from overheating. It’s still going strong, and while it won’t play Second Life quite as smoothly as I’d like, I just can’t justify upgrading at this point when we need a new roof and a replacement car a heck of a lot more. Plus I tend to get too attached to my old machines, which is why I’m stuck with five typewriters.

  8. Sigivald says:

    Most of my worthless collection is just stacked out of the way.

    But it goes back to the SE/30 (which still works, last I turned it on, and had some variant of unix on it, because I could – can’t recall if it was a BSD or Linux, though).

    Shiniest worthless computers: Mac Cube, 1st gen G5 tower.

  9. Bing says:

    Vic 20, C-64,or how about a PC jr? Yea. they are all wandering around thr farm somewhere. I’ve even sighted them on ocassion. Free range don;t ya know.

  10. murgatr says:

    We are also a gadget family: Macbook Pro laptop, dtr’s iPad, my iPhone 4, three iPod touches, four nanos. List does not include the 3 servers and big iMac that my tech husband left back in Canada. Already removed a truckload of archaic doorstops from computer projects long ago to e-cycle. Think Apple should be paying me for advertising their products, really 🙂


  11. wrm says:

    Me, wife, two kids. Four PCs, one Windows 7, two XP, one (mine) Win2K. Four netbooks, 3 XP, one (mine) Puppeee. One iPad, one iPod, one PSP.

    Also on my desk, a Linux Box (P4), a DOS (yes, DOS, booted it this morning to read an EPROM on the Expro) box, a P1 I guess. And an Apple II and a Microbox II…

    And then there’s the stuff in storage…

  12. So, can you actually still save money by assembling your own PC nowadays and installing Win7? I would have guessed any cost savings would be eaten up by the higher Win7 price tag when sold to individuals.

    (though I have an XP lappy assigned to me at work, I can do 98.3% of my job in a terminal connected to Amazon EC2 or by fat-fingering code into vi. Good thing too, as I hate hauling a laptop around)

    • Marko Kloos says:

      We had multiple PCs to upgrade to Windows 7 and bought the household edition that lets you upgrade three computers for $129. Same with Office 2011 Home/Student Edition.

  13. Tam says:

    And to think I actively go out and seek out old computers…

    There’s a Twentieth Anniversary Mac sitting in the corner in the living room and you can trip over a Color Classic at the top of the attic stairs and fall down and hit your head on a Quadra 950 after barking your shin on a stack of old PowerBook Duos…

  14. ILTim says:

    Oh yeah, my fleet also represents all the major operating systems. Windows 7, Ubuntu 11.11, iOS5, and… Amazoid or whatever you want to call the Kindle Fire arrangement. They all have good points and bad, but I’m actually MORE comfortable with the mixed environment than I’ve ever been with a homogenous one.

    Go Dropbox! Independent devices with cloud synchronization (where needed) is MUCH easier to pull off than a self-administered home network with peer-to-peer connections and working security.

    “So, can you actually still save money by assembling your own PC nowadays and installing Win7?” YES, IF your building a higher than commodity spec computer. MAYBE if your building a low end machine too, so long as you start with a bare bones case/motherboard setup. Don’t forget to buy the OEM windows for cheaper since you ARE the oem system builder and your own tech support (the primary practical license difference).

  15. B.S. Philosopher says:

    Does it mean that I’m odd because I just bought a new card that lets me use HD 1.44 floppies on my XT with PC-DOS 5 (upgraded with a V20 CPU, RTC and a full meg of RAM!)

    The working computers in my office are as folows:

    C-64 that I’m using to pull off old high school papers

    My upgraded Laser XT clone for DOS fun!

    Zenith 386 SX16 desktop because, well, I don’t know.

    Dell P3 GX110 disk archiver with 360K, 1.2M, 1.44m/LS120 and Zip 250 drives

    the wife’s P4 a 3 ghz IBM that I got for $25 on Fleabay.

    and that’s just the office….

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