So hey–guess who’s 40 today?

<points thumbs at self> This guy!
I had this long and reflective screed in my head about aging and maturity and being aware of one’s mortality and all that emo stuff, but you know what? Forty doesn’t feel a damn thing different than thirty-nine, or thirty-eight for that matter. Everything that worked yesterday still works today.
There won’t be much celebrating today. I’ve been Skyping with the family in Germania (it’s my mother’s birthday today too), I already got a bunch of birthday loot ahead of time, and the wife’s out of the house until tonight. I may grab the kids at some point this afternoon and head to Dunkin’ Donuts for a dozen sugar bombs. Then I’ll go back home, stack all the donuts in the rough shape of a cake, put some airline-sized bottles of rum on top for candles, and have the best minimal-effort birthday cake ever.
So here’s to 40! <chugs breakfast martini, drops mike, stumbles off stage to halting and embarrassed applause>

22 thoughts on “40.

  1. cb says:

    Happy Birthday. Enjoy it with the kids and wife in all it’s mundane glory. Like you mentioned earlier, it sure beats the alternative.

    btw. I printed your story to read then got distracted. My wife picked it up and told me it was great. Expect another tip hit.

  2. AJD says:

    I made pretty much the same observation when I hit 40. (It feels an awful lot like 39 did, and I never did feel the difference from 37 …)
    I just tell everyone that I can still do just about everything I did when I was younger, it just hurts more the next day.

  3. Happy Berfday, Marko!

  4. jetfxr69 says:

    Herzliche Glueckwuensche zum Geburtstag!

    My wife’s 40th was yesterday. We celebrated quietly as well. Two years ago when I passed that milestone I noted all the same things. No change really, just more people saying “You’re old!”

    I’m going to have to learn to find the umlauts on the keyboard, because I could never get used to the additional vowel.

  5. TBG says:

    I am pleased to commemorate the date of your birth some 40 years prior!
    A celebration of one’s birth is often a time for great merriment and the imbibing of spirits.
    I urge you to proceed with this ritual, post-haste.


  6. Tam says:

    I don’t mean to spoil it for you, bro, but the next few feel pretty much the same, too. 😉

    Have a happy one!

  7. Joanna says:

    *whispers* Is he supposed to be drunk? Is he faking it? Is it part of the act?

    *return whisper* Just smile and clap like everything’s fine. It’s his birthday.

    *whisper* Oh, right. *normal voice* Bravo, sir! Many happy returns! *whispers* Can we go get dinner now?

  8. T. Munk says:

    From my experience, it’s about 45 when you have to start counting the shots and the eyes start betraying ya. On the plus side, hauling out the reading glasses can make certain younger girls tingly in the nethers. I refuse to speculate what this might say about their relationships with their fathers – one must simply enjoy what is. (:

  9. abnormalist says:

    Congrats and happy birthday to you

    Halfway to 80 and all that 🙂

  10. Eric says:

    Happy 40th!

  11. Robert says:

    Happy birthday, Marko.

  12. Michael G. says:

    Happy b-day!

  13. Larry says:

    Happy Birthday!

  14. Jay G. says:

    Happy birthday you young pup!

  15. libertyman says:

    Happy Birthday!

  16. Mark says:

    Happy Birthday!

    Just remember, 40 is only significant because we have 10 fingers!

    If we had 12 fingers total, you’d be 3 dozen and a third. Big deal.

  17. CeeDub says:


  18. CKL says:

    Many happy returns of the day!

  19. Mike says:

    Happy Birthday, Marko!

  20. Hey, you’re only 101,000 years old in binary!

    Happy birthday!

  21. Well, crap. I missed it.
    Happy belated birthday! I hope you enjoyed your sugar-bomb cake!

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