hand-knitted organs!

Meet Laphroaig the Liver and his attachment, Glenfiddich the Gall Bladder. Those were hand-knitted for me by my Intertubes pal Karen. Pretty neat, huh?

(No idea why, of all the organs she could have knitted, she would send me a liver…)

Funny thing–when I took it out of the envelope and showed it off to the family, Quinn wanted to know what it is. I said, “It’s a liver.”

He points to the green part and says, “And that’s the gall bladder.”


Kid paid attention to his “Me and My Body” book.

If anyone’s interested in commissioning their very own knitted organs, I can put you in touch with the very talented artist who did this one.


6 thoughts on “hand-knitted organs!

  1. BobG says:

    A liver isn’t bad; at least no one has knitted a prostate…yet.

  2. Tam says:

    A big stuffed dude with a hollow chest cavity and knitted organs you could stuff in there like a puzzle? Dude, that’d sell like frozen margaritas in hell…

  3. abnormalist says:

    Got a friend on his second heart (25 years and count) who’s into it for a kidney as well (anti-rejection drugs are a killer on the kidneys)… I think I see a Christmas gift here….

    Already as he walks around if you listen carefully you can hear the na na na na na na na na naaaa sound

  4. skel says:

    It’s been done – image search for “knitted anatomy”.
    They’re usually one-offs, not production.

  5. Jake says:

    I could wile away the hours
    Conferrin’ with the flowers
    Consultin’ with the rain
    And my head I’d be scratchin’
    While my thoughts were busy hatchin’
    If I only had a brain

  6. NYEMT says:

    I’ve knighted him. Then he could be Sir Rhosis. @Tam: Truly awesome idea. I know a bunch of EMT instructors who’d be a) laughing uncontrollably, b) throwing wads of cash at whoever produced it. 🙂

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