dispatch from castle frostbite.

(looks up from breakfast)

Oh, hi there, imaginary Intertubes pals!

I’ve been kind of sparse on the Twitters and the Interblogs for the last week or two. To those who got concerned enough to check up on me via email: NOTHING HAS HAPPENED. I AM FINE. Just a little busy with Real Life, that’s all. I was most emphatically NOT kidnapped by a gang of rogue Girl Scouts and locked in the basement dungeon in their troop’s secret HQ, fed a diet of Twizzlers and flat Mountain Dew, and forced to crank out reams of Twilight fanfic. NO, SIR.

The Munchkin Wrangler wordsmithy has a new primary computational device—a store-bought Gateway box running Windows 7. When I put Robin’s machine together a few months back, I ordered a parts kit from TigerDirect and put together a really fast budget rig with a quad-core processor for under $400. I wanted to repeat the process for my new machine, but our Windows and Office family pack licenses have been distributed among the existing computers in the house, and the added cost for even an OEM license of Windows 7 Home Premium would have made a parts kit system just as expensive as (or only very slightly less so than) an off-the-shelf store computer. So I went out and bought the ready-made solution, which means that the Nerd Club will be by very shortly to collect my club card. (“You bought a STORE BOX? And it’s not even running LINUX? FOR SHAME.”) The new box is a Core i3, one of the new Sandy Bridge processors, and much faster than anything else I’ve owned so far. I took it home, replaced the wimpy 300W PSU with a 500W Antec unit I had in the parts bin, and stuck a GeForce GTX 460 into the PCI-E slot. It runs like a Geiger counter near Fukushima, and it’s so quiet that you have to actually put your ear against the case to hear that it’s on.

(Plus, it has running lights along the front of the case, and the Gateway logo lights up. That’s how you know it’s a fast rig, you see.)

(TL;DR: New computer, yay!)

Things at the Castle are hectic and in a permanent state of low-level stress with occasional spikes of OMGWTFBBQ—in other words, business as usual. But hey! Next month the winter will start full throttle, and then I get to put “Snow Removal” on my daily plate of chores as well. Grown-ups have SO MUCH FUN. They get to do WHATEVER THEY WANT. It’s not fair!

(Lyra and Quinn have discovered that delightful phrase despite only a very nebulous grasp of its meaning. To them, “It’s not fair” means “I don’t agree with it”, which—come to think about it—is also how a lot of grown-ups understand it.)

Anyway: the state of affairs here at Castle Frostbite. Not captured by girl scouts—busy as fuck—new computer—looking forward to shoveling snow (“New England Home Gym: FREE HOME DELIVERY”)—life’s not fair. That’s all for right now. Carry on, then.


6 thoughts on “dispatch from castle frostbite.

  1. perlhaqr says:

    I grant you the wisdom of the ancients in the form of words from my father: “If anyone ever told you life was fair, they were lying.”

  2. Matt says:

    Good to know you’re going well.

  3. guy says:

    Grown-ups have SO MUCH FUN. They get to do WHATEVER THEY WANT.

    Heh, sounds like they are officially old enough to help daddy shovel snow. 😛

    Also, “forced to crank out reams of Twilight fanfic” makes a summer in a Tehran prison sounds pleasant.

  4. FastEddie says:

    For a Microsoft Office replacement, your should check out Libre Office. It’s free and handles everything Microsoft Office can and does it better.

    • Marko Kloos says:

      Honestly? I don’t even need MS Office. I only use Word to check compatibility for my manuscript files before submitting them, but I do the editing and revising in Scrivener or WriteMonkey. For that, MS Office Starter is plenty.

  5. Randy says:

    You also have to take into account the time it takes to remove the shovel-ware from your store-bought machine. That can be tedious and time consuming, even with the pc-decrapifier.

    And hopefully you used ninite.com to quickly & easily install all your freeware apps.

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