only the fed can print their own money, silly.

The only way I can explain the people who regularly surface trying to pay at WalMart with fake $1,000,000 bills is mental disability or illness. The alternative is too unpleasant to contemplate—that our educational system produces people who think that your neighborhood Wally World can break a million-dollar bill on a $500 purchase and hand you nine hundred ninety-nine grand in change.


5 thoughts on “only the fed can print their own money, silly.

  1. Kristopher says:

    These would be the same kind of folks that dig a blank prescription script pad out of the trash, and try to get 15 pounds of “Mofeen” from a pharmacy.

  2. A Critic says:

    My favorite counterfeit incident was the 200 dollar George W. Bush bill that was passed a few years back. They got 198 in change and I never heard if they got caught.

  3. Sadly, I strongly suspect it is answer (B)

  4. Jake says:

    If I were to desire to do this, and do this correctly, I’d first print a run of those US Treasury “know your money” posters for a fictitious run of 500 dollar bills. Mail them to a bunch of businesses I intend to rip off. Several weeks later, sure enough, one of those new fancy 500s shows up, and it matches the poster exactly.

    Or just run off 100s, series of 1988. They’re still out there and have no anti-counterfeiting measure more advanced than the 1860 or 70s refinement of the geometric lathe.

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