romney? really?

Thoughts on Iowa:

Now that Mitt Romney can feel like a frontrunner, I give it two months tops before we see the first Fudd-placating video with him dressed in Realtree camo and safety orange, holding a shotgun like he’s being forced to touch another man’s Mr. Happy, and supplying a solemn voice-over that tells us how he saw one of those shoot-guns at his pappy’s farm once when he may have shot at a squirrel, and yes, you dumb NRA yokels, hunting is very important to him.

Oh, Stupid Party. Better get used to saying “President Obama” through your gritted teeth for another four years.


10 thoughts on “romney? really?

  1. Richard Keistler says:

    I’m older than you-the first race I was able to vote in, I voted for Ford/Dole in 1976. I think the level of politicians that we receive in this country is what we deserve. It was Bonzo Reagan who started this whole ‘us-them’ thing with government. We elect these people, good or crappy. And unfortunately, it’s crappy right now. Not the first time in our history, but in today’s world things move a lot faster than, say, when Warren Harding made a joke of the presidency. Scary times ahead, and thanks for your posting!

  2. perlhaqr says:

    Fuck. Those bastards really want me to have to vote for Obama, don’t they.

  3. Iowa is not winner take all, and three candidates made a strong showing. You can bet that if Ron Paul came in 1st, then the pundits would be trumpeting the fact that it was a virtual three way tie and the delegates would be divided accordingly.

  4. I hate him too but who is better?

  5. Jay G says:


    I yield to no man in my visceral hatred of Mitt RINO Romney, but I’ll stand up and say he’ll be fine with the obligatory NRA hunting shot. He and his sons do routinely hunt, and I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that his gun collection is worth more than mine. Now, that would be because he has two or three $10K doubles, but still…

    Everything *else* you said is spot-on…

  6. Carl says:

    Yes, once again, the Republican party has failed to field an electable candidate. While I have many, many issues with Romney, he probably has the best chance of ending Obamunism. Best, but not good enough methinks. Might be more important at this point to really support and promote non-Democrats for Senate and House races to minimize the damage Obama will do in his second 4 years.

  7. LittleRed1 says:

    I’m not sure eight votes in a caucus guarantees a nomination (unless the vote totals have changed since the last news story I read). The pretty people lean towards Romney but there’s still a long way to go until the Repub. convention. Perry might suddenly get inspired, Paul might have a conversion experience on foreign policy, Romney could suddenly discover that he has a vocation to go back into the mission field for his church. I’m not going to beat my head against the wall just yet.

  8. Fred2 says:

    As to front runner…I read that vote as “anybody but Romney” got something like 75% of the vote.

    How about A Romney Paul ticket,… dear god, the left would have an apoplexy.
    ( funnily enough, I think the GOP would too.)

    It’s too bad about Romney, his resume isn’t horrible for a President. I just read it, it’s elitist and shows no signs of political conviction, but the man is probably as qualified on paper as any pres in my lifetime: He’s a hard worker, he’s pretty smart, he seems to be devoutly mormon but not so as he’ beat you up with it (I generally like the mormons I’ve met/know – a religion that discourages bad habits and encourages preparedness and hard work can’t be all that bad. ), he’s actually held jobs that do not seem to be govt. sinecures and did ok, he’s obviously “part of the establishment” (this is both good and bad, bad is obvious, the good part is he might be able to work it from within rather than scare them stupid and into opposition), he was _not_ a hippy back when being a hippy was cool, ( doesn’t seem to have a swath of mistresses and other bad habits and wildly wierd background connections) I still don’t like him, but he’s not the antichrist. For a RINO he might be able to do some good if he acquires a backbone / some good advisors ( watch THAT carefully) and congress doesn’t decide to get stuck on stupid.

    Would I like some signs of ….”right” thinking….yes. Yes I would.

    Would I prefer Romney to 90% of the politicians I know anything about… not a huge reco, but yes.

    I guess I’m going to hold my nose.

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