spirit of america, indeed.*

This article is about the brother of a friend of ours. He went to take the T in Boston, the MBTA cops wanted to search his bag, and he refused the search. They arrested him, and a sympathetic judge dismissed the charges.

The really depressing part of that article is the comments section, which right now leans 90% toward chastising the man for not bending over and taking it like a patriot. “My safety is worth more than your inconvenience!” “Like it or not, we’re at war, and that’s the way things are now!” “If you don’t like it, walk!” “If you don’t like it, leave the country!”

You know liberty is a long way down the shitter when the subjects not just tolerate having to answer to people in uniforms just to get to work, but actively demand that kind of treatment—and heap scorn on those who don’t.

*”Spirit of America” is the license plate motto of Massachusetts. I’m pretty sure it doesn’t refer to clicking your heels and kow-towing to anyone with a badge and a uniform who demands to seepapers, please.’


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  1. perlhaqr says:

    I haven’t read the article, but for extra irony’s sake, I hope it was the Lexington and Concord T stop.

  2. divemedic says:

    Walking won’t help- the TSA’s VIPR teams have expanded into the countryside. The US is dead, and we are on the verge of becoming a police state where people disappear in the middle of the night, never to be heard from again. All in the name of safety.

  3. Richard Keistler says:

    You know what I remember? Back in the early seventies when hijackers were scaring the crap of people flying. Good old Archie Bunker in an episode went on TV with his solution: Give everybody a pistol when they boarded the plane. Nobody would dare to try to hijack the plane if every single person were armed. Then, the stewardess would just take up the guns when people got off. Perverse reasoning, but something appealing. I’m a medical guy and I’ve seen more naked people than you can imagine but I still hate the idea of using x-ray (my specialty) to look at people through their clothes. Screw that.

    • I don’t remember Archie Bunker saying it, but I’ve said it on a number of occasions. Only my suggestion is that they allow anyone who has a firearm (legally) to carry on the plane and issue some frangible ammunition to the armed passengers as they board.

  4. Darren says:

    I grew up with police and army stop and search in NI. It took a ceasefire to halt it. It seems very odd to think back to the time when it was routine to join a queue of traffic and be pulled in to the side of the road for a vehicle search and maybe a pat down. I don’t want my children to grow up with that and would leave my country if it came back. Don’t let it become the norm in the USA, fight it.

  5. ILTim says:

    divemedic, on the verge? Are you paying attention?

    Its not terribly -commonplace- yet, but its been ‘trialed’ enough to become an accepted reality ready for prime time.

  6. BobG says:

    Reading the comments was depressing. I guess the people of Massachusetts don’t believe in the Fourth Amendment like we do here in the United States.

  7. The Rock says:

    Well, it is Massachusetts. What exactly did you expect? I’m surprised he didn’t get extradited to Gitmo.

    At this point, you could probably sling some wire around the folks that showed up to the original tea party and power most of the country.

  8. Matt Donnell says:

    It kind of reminds me of that old Paul McCartney song (which was banned the idea of personal freedom was too subversive even in the 70’s).

    Tell me how would you like it
    If on your way to work
    You were stopped by irish soliders
    Would you lie down do nothing
    Would you give in, or go berserk?

    The Cops are using the anti-terrorist laws and other tools provided them by the politicos to degrade, dehumanize and criminalize all citizens. And the arguments put forth by the sheep – “if you aren’t guilty, you should gladly consent” – are just pure BS. the Fourth, Fifth, and Tenth Amendments not withstanding, the greatest right we have as Americans is the right to be left alone.

  9. BBJ says:

    America is importing human trash that regards liberty and freedom as a threat. They will wage war on it using unethical and illegal means and combatants.

    We can either play the game on their level or get killed. Give me that sanctimonious speech when your wife and kid blows up in a pizza parlour, or their plane goes down because some rag heads got by lax security.

    If it ever DOES happen to you, I’m sure you’ll just shrug it off and say “they died for the good of the nation!”

    This is why libertarians are not taken seriously. There’s a happy medium between security and freedom, but to get there we would need to admit that racial profiling is a valid crime fighting tool – another problem for the libertarians to get their heads around.

    It’s easy to be holier than thou when it isn’t your blood on the ground.

    • Tam says:

      Like I give a fuck whether a spineless assweasel like you “takes me seriously”.

      Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you, you willing slave.

      • BBJ says:

        LOL. Get on a plane and go to the middle east and actually see what you’re up against, you stunned cunt.

        Sheesh, I know truckers with cleaner speech and more brains than you.

        • Tam says:

          Does this mean we’re not friends? Because if I thought you didn’t like me, I just don’t think I could bear it.

    • You realize of course, or maybe you don’t, that the TSA hasn’t stopped ONE act of terrorism. Nor will random searches of people on tax payer funded public transit stop one crime or one act of terrorism.

      If we have to resort to those sort of tactics we’ve lost the war already.

      • BBJ says:

        Really? Care to prove that one?

        • Marko Kloos says:

          You can’t prove a negative.

          I have this anti-tiger rock in my pocket. it protects me from attack by man-eating tigers. How can I prove it works? I haven’t been attacked by a tiger yet.

        • Tam says:

          If all the probulatin’ is doing any good, how come it always seems to fall to the passengers to thwart the hijackings?

          If I’m going to have to dogpile some guy in seat 28A to keep him from lighting the fuse on his Semtex jockstrap, why the hell did I just have to wait in a 45-minute-long line to Spread ‘Em For Freedom?

        • Marko Kloos says:

          And now you do what they told ya, now you’re under control.

        • Tam says:

          I’d have to really like people to get on a plane to go see them. I’m just sayin’. 😉

    • Marko Kloos says:

      It’s also easier to be holier than thou when it’s not your ass with the blue-gloved finger in it, or when it isn’t your name on the list for a warrantless arrest.

      • BBJ says:

        I go to pains to prove I am a good citizen Marko. I get a rubber glove up my ass once a year to make sure my plumbing isn’t coming down with something. Is that a violation of my rights or a prudent check for life threatening problems? It seems you libertarians can’t tell the difference.

        You lost this argument because you’re wrong, not because an eeeeeevil gubbermint is trying to dispose of your rights. Get a grip.

        • Marko Kloos says:

          If you think a voluntary check-up at the doctor’s is EXACTLY THE SAME as an involuntary body cavity search by a government employee, you don’t have the first fucking clue of the meaning of “rights”. Also, the only place I lost the argument with you is in your head.

        • Stingray says:

          “I get a rubber glove up my ass once a year to make sure my plumbing isn’t coming down with something. Is that a violation of my rights or a prudent check for life threatening problems?”

          Holy shit, you’re bad at logic. I mean, wow. That’s… dude. Wow.

        • Marko Kloos says:

          Fucking logics, how do they work?

    • Justthisguy says:

      BBJ, if one is going to do that kind of ethnic finger-pointing, a case could be made (and has been made) that the rot set in about the year 1850. That was about the time at which all those famished Irishmen and annoying pwogwessive German ’48ers arrived, the former ruining the Democrat party, and the latter helping to found the Republican party who were the original nationalizing busybodies.

      So, BBJ, what’s _your_ patrimony? Are you of original British Protestant Founder stock? Or, just as ancient, descended from Africans who were here before 1807? Everybody else came later.

      Toqueville’s America exists only memetically these days, I’m afraid.

      Dang, I need to get that guy to give me back my copy of “Albion’s Seed”!

  10. ATLien says:

    Yep, I remember when the terrorists blew up all those restaurants and stuff in those states that one time…oh, wait- that didn’t happen. Homeland Security has stopped zero attacks from happening. In fact, the few incidents that have happened were already aboard planes in the air and stopped by passengers.

    Did you ever stop and think what you wrote? “America is importing human trash that regards liberty and freedom as a threat.” So the answer is to get rid of liberty and freedom? I don’t want to sully Marko’s blog, but that some asinine sheiße you just wrote there.

    Maybe, just maybe, if we worried about our own problems a little more and less about putting our armed forces in dozens and dozens of countries, people may not want to bomb us in the first place. I would rather us not get involved in a bunch of regional bickering that’s been going on for hundreds of years. THEN if someone attacks us without provocation, we rain fiery hell upon them.

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