beeg boolitz.

Those are two of the 300-grain .50AE rounds we fired from the Desert Eagle two weeks ago, recovered from the rotting log that was part of our backstop and target backing. The coins are for scale. As you can tell, they both mushroomed very nicely, which is to be expected when you shoot them into spongy wood at close to 1,500 feet per second.


4 thoughts on “beeg boolitz.

  1. Matthew Carberry says:

    Don’t know, never been attacked by tree.

    • Tim D says:

      Then count yourself lucky. There have been at least 2 deadly tree attacks in the Atlanta area in the past year. Maybe they should legislate against them like certain breeds of dog 😉

  2. PolyKahr says:


    I’ve yet to shoot a .50AE, but I have noticed that the cartridge makes my .45ACP look diminutive.


  3. Fred2 says:

    And bullets are, as a volume thing, deceptive.

    Humans find it easy to estimate things like length and area, but volume we are in generally hopeless at. Seriously, we really are, as a group.

    Case in point is those “French Press” coffee things a 1 litre vs 2 litre (Americans: substitute “quart” for litre) is NOT “twice as big looking” it’s just slightly fatter and taller.

    Bullets do the same thing. minor changes in diameter and length have surprisingly big consequences at the business end.

    So when you see a BEEG BOOLIT…

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