our well pump won’t.

When we got up this morning, there was no running water. We have a well and a pump in the garage, and when it gets too cold, the water in the pump tank will start to freeze, but this morning it was merely a balmy 24 degrees. I went to check on the pump and found that the controller switch is in a state of calcification usually not seen outside of limestone caves or retirement homes. Luckily, a replacement is available for the low, low price of twenty-something bucks at the hardware store in our sleepy little burgh, so that’s where I will be heading this morning.

You know what we have coming up on Saturday? Quinn’s 7th birthday party. He invited a bunch of friends, which means that we will have the house packed with kids in the 2-9 age range who will then proceed to get hopped up on cupcakes and Xbox Kinect games.

On second thought, I may go to Home Depot instead to get that pump switch. It’s closer to the liquor store.




11 thoughts on “our well pump won’t.

  1. Matt G says:

    Maybe you can gin something up. . .

  2. Fred2 says:

    How long did it take for the first one to die? < 2 years? Get 2. Or maybe some vinegar can dissolve your calcification issue at your leisure. ( he says having no real idea what is involved.)

    • Marko Kloos says:

      The now-dead switch has been at work since we moved into the place over four years ago. $DEITY only knows how long the previous owners had it in place. It’s probably close to ten years old.

  3. Weer'd Beard says:

    Not just ANY Liquor store but the NEW HAMPSHIRE liquor stores.

    When I go in one I stop kidding myself by grabbing the basket and nursing a hernia by the time I get to the register. I just grab a cart and am prepared for the tab to break $200.

    The Granite State is my dealer!

  4. Fred2 says:


    Ahh, that’s different then.. My family always laughs at me because I haul home “way too much” of stuff I need when I do a project. ( extra nails, wood, paint, screws, “bits”…) no matter how many times I explain that I’d rather spend another couple of bucks right now and have some stock for when I ( bend nail, lose screw in grass, wood breaks) mess up, RATHER than spend an hour(or much more) + the gas + bother getting a 15cent thing (10 $ part if it’s likely I’d need another one).

    A 15 cent part you spent an hour getting is worth a lot more than 15cents. And yet they say *I’m* wasting money. The way I see it if I buy 60$ worth of stuff and I use any of it once, the rest is paid for. ( not to say I buy randomly and have a warehouse full of stuff, but I try to avoid having to zoom off to the Home Despot.

    Oh, for the birthday party. I recommend those soft orange ear plugs, they take the a 20+DB edge off kids screaming.

  5. Bing says:

    Marko, Remember, go to the Home Depot FIRST! Otherwise you’ll come home and when you go to get some water to mix with your purchases the light bulb will then come on, DUH!
    I hate plumbing!!!!!!!!

  6. NYEMT says:

    So how many trips did it actually take? To the hardware store, I mean, not the liquor store. When I worked in a hardware store many years ago, we evaluated people’s projects based on how many visits we anticipated them making that day. We even had a bit of a betting pool in the back room for a couple years. “Hey – Mr. Williamson was just in for a new bathroom faucet, but he said he didn’t need new supply tubes. I’m starting his pool off at two trips, but the over/under is four. Who’s in for a buck?”..”I’ll take the four!”..”Put me in for five. I had to help him last month when it took him four trips to get the right bulb for his kitchen light.”..”Guess I’ll do three and split the difference. Sometimes his wife comes along on the third trip and makes him buy EVERYTHING, just in case.”..”Yeah, but does the fourth trip to bring back what he didn’t need count?”..”No, no – that’s AFTER the project is done. We talked about that, remember?”..”Okay, three, then.”

    Eventually the boss caught us at it. He had a good laugh, but he made us stop. Spoilsport. 🙂

  7. Marko Kloos says:

    Two trips. One for a replacement pump switch, and one for the replacement 3 1/2″ length of copper tube that wouldn’t come off the old pump switch because of ZOMG CORROSION. It’s all good now, though. We have water in some rooms. The faucets in the kitchen are dispensing some glowing green bile, but I’m on that.

  8. NYEMT says:

    Give it to the kids anyway. With a little luck they’ll develop superpowers. Kids with super strength shovel a LOT more snow, and of you’re lucky enough to get one to fly, you’ll never have to clean your own gutters again. 😉

  9. Tam says:

    Happy Birthday, Quinn!

  10. Will says:

    Try to spend your money at the local store. Unless they’re idiots, of course!

    The Mega-Box stores don’t really need your money to stay in business.

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