name! that! puppy!


The puppy is nine days old today. In that time, he has managed to almost triple his birth weight, from 8.5 ounces last Tuesday to to 22.5 ounces today. He is one chubby little thing. I’m thinking low-carb diet, or he’ll never be trim enough for those dog food commercials.


Now he just needs a name. The naming conventions of his line gravitate toward Arthurian names, but we’ve already used Arthur, Bors, Ban, and Lancelot for previous dogs. Mordred is pretty much right out. Any suggestions from the Internets? Bonus points if it can be shortened into a nickname—this is just for his kennel name in the AKC papers.


34 thoughts on “name! that! puppy!

  1. SayUncle says:

    Brave, brave sir robin?

  2. Priest says:

    Gallahad, shortened to “Gal” if necessary.

  3. Robert says:

    Palamedes, shortened to Pal, or Tristan, shortened to Tris.

  4. Dominique says:

    Sir Gareth of Orkney, shortening down to Ork, or Grr, depending on how it plays out.

  5. Matt G says:

    Grendel Bumblesweet Honeybuzz Cheerilee Clever Clover.

  6. LWJ says:

    Percival with Percy for short.

  7. Dragon says:


    “Sir Griflet, also called Sir Griflet le Fils de Dieu”….one of King Arthurs knights, although not of the twelve who seated at the Round Table.

    And Griflet seems to fit…he’s a small guy, so he’s not a Grif, he’s a Griflet.

  8. Gorby says:

    Gawain shortened to Wayne.

  9. Ancient Woodsman says:

    Skeeziks. The Redneck of the Round Table, of course.

  10. MAJ Mike says:


  11. DarrenS says:

    Brunore the black

    Can be shortened to Bruno

  12. Merlin, Merle for short.

  13. Mike says:

    How about Sir Kay? Kay (Cai in Welsh) was very tall man (or, long man if on all fours). He was the foremost warrior at the Court of King Arthur, and apparently had mystical powers and was called one of the Three Enchanter Knights.

    Short name: Sergei.

    Or, just call him Chubba Bubba

  14. Jeff The Bear says:

    How about Camelot? Cam for short.

  15. Ratus says:

    Maj. Caudill?

  16. Excalibur. Cal for short.

  17. Bob. You can call him “Bob”, for short.

  18. Gerry N. says:

    I kinda lean toward Bors, of Borlaug. Bo for short.

    Good looking pup ain’t he?

  19. farmist says:

    Uther Pendragon, Pen or Pendie for nickname.

  20. NYEMT says:

    8.5oz. to 22.5 oz. in one week? I’m thinking whatever you name him, it should be shortened to “Fridge”.

  21. Peter O says:


  22. Nah, you want him on a higher-carb, higher-protein diet so you see just how fast he can grow! 🙂

    Caradoc? The alternate spelling Caradwg? You could call him Dawg for short… Then again, that would be confusing for the others.

    Maybe Girflet, who was so often taken prisoner? Little Gir is going to be the smallest in the house for a while…

  23. Samuel Weaver says:

    Red Baron aka Rot.

  24. Woz says:

    Camlann Arthur’s final battle site.

  25. Antibubba says:

    Morgan? LanceRott? Merlin shortens to Merle, which is a good dog name. Uther Pupdragon, Dagonet (Arthur’s jester), Pellinore,

  26. Antibubba says:

    If he stays chubby, you can call him Sir Cumference…

  27. Mark says:

    My family’s little dawgs are named Skeeter Brown, the male dachshund/chihuahua mix, Skeet for short, and Layla, the female jack russel terrier/boxer/sharpei/pitbull mix, after Slow Hand Clapton eponymous song. For an Arthurian name, hmmm does it have to be actual Arthurian Legend and Mythology based? I personally would have chosen something out of Tolkien.

  28. Ancient Woodsman says:

    O.K., how about Arthur’s dog? Bercelet. Can’t have a more Arthurian dog name than that.

    With the appetite, though…Sir Loin, of Boeuf?

  29. Gnarly Sheen says:

    If he’s growing in size at an alarming rate and making a mess of everything, you should name him “Government.”


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