clean-up, aisle 1.


Pop quiz:

You leave the house with the kids to do a grocery run. Before you leave, you lock up the dogs, except for the mommy dog and her puppy upstairs.

You lay out a newspaper by the door just in case the mommy dog has to answer the call of nature while you are out. As additional mess insurance, you also put down a puppy piddle pad nearby.

When you come home, where will you find a big lake of doggy pee?

a.) On the newspaper

b.) On the piddle pad

c.) On the floor between the aforementioned objects

If you answered c.), give yourself a pat on the back. For bonus credit, you can also mention the poop right in front of the door, not two feet away from the unsullied newspaper.


8 thoughts on “clean-up, aisle 1.

  1. Our cats will routinely weave, dodge, and dash out of the way of proffered newsprint in order to puke on the bare floor. Then they look at us like, “What the hell was that? You’re lucky I didn’t make a mess on your paper thing there. Now go clean that up, monkey.”

  2. Weer'd Beard says:

    My buddy’s cat will shit right outside his box.

    Cats are assholes!

  3. Richard Keistler says:

    All of my dogs for decades have been paper trained before being ‘outside’ trained. And to a dog, bless their hearts, they would stand so that their front legs and head were over/on the paper while the nether parts would be doing their thing on the floor. Love your blog! Love the dog pix-keep them coming, please.

  4. JD says:

    Best I can tell is you need to find out which part of the paper the dog does not like. . . I would start with the editorial section. Maybe you put her favorite part down so she thought she was supposed to read it not poop on it. . . .

  5. Old NFO says:

    That’s ALWAYS the way it works… I swear a dog will piddle on the three square inches of open floor if you covered the entire place… sigh

  6. Kristopher says:

    You were the one who laid the paper down. Therefor the paper belongs to you, and they should not mess with it. I suspect the piddlepad is under similar protection.

  7. Lyford says:

    Sometimes they do learn….

    We were living in an apartment when we got our Lab puppy. In true Lab form, he’d eat anything and let his stomach decide if it was edible. It took too long to get him outside when he started the pre-vomit horking, so we’d put him in the bathtub to make cleanup as easy as possible. This became routine.

    One day, after he’d earned freedom from his crate, we came home to find him looking a bit down. We couldn’t find anything wrong in the house until we finally looked in the tub and saw a neat pile of vomit. GOOD boy!

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