monday search term safari CIV.

“they was arguing over a beer”

That’s a really common and dangerous pastime in low-income areas. It often leads to faces being punched, and occasionally to caps getting busted in someone’s ass, which strikes me as a bit extreme in a dispute over what is invariably budget yellow pisswater.

dachshund dead

Q: How do you tell your dachshund is dead?

A: He’s not eating.

punched in the face

It’s what often happens when they was arguing over a beer just moments before.

solar moped

Please, someone make a Vespa powered by solar panels. Then we’ll have a photo op vehicle for green-energy-pushing politicians that’s even more ludicrous than the Segway.

washing machine dog

It may look like it’s the perfect doggie hot tub, but the little stinkers don’t do so well with the spin cycle. Dogs are “hand wash or professional clean only”.

knívleysur maður er lívleysur maður!

My favorite Viking proverb—“Knifeless man is lifeless man.” I still don’t understand why people would choose to not carry the most useful tool devised by our species, and it downright annoys me when they claim some sort of halo for their “civilized” attitude.

where is the serial number on an olivetti lettera 22 typewriter

It’s engraved on the metal frame in the right top corner of the body. You need to move the carriage to the left to see it.

easiest way to convert full auto marlin .22lr

Leaving aside the pointless nature of converting a 10-shot gun into a machine gun, what you’re Googling there is a federal felony that will get you an extended stay at Club Fed. Even if you could convert one easily (which you can’t), and you burp out your rimfire ammo in ten-round bursts—where are you going to shoot your highly illegal machine gun without drawing unwelcome attention?

how feasible is it to move to montana?

Pretty feasible, I think—find a place to live, rent a U-Haul, point toward Montana. You don’t even need a visa or exchange your currency, unless you’re from California. CA Government I.O.U.s are not valid tender outside of that state.

blade length in new hampshire

New Hampshire has abolished all restrictions on blade lengths and deployment mechanisms for knives. If it has a blade, you can buy, own, and carry it—switchblade, butterfly, gravity knife, Klingon p’tahk carver, whatever. Just don’t commit any crimes with it, and we’re good. Isn’t it just the height of paternalistic condescension when the state tells its citizens that they can’t be trusted with sharp things in public?


10 thoughts on “monday search term safari CIV.

  1. Kristopher says:

    A bunch of retired LAPD in Sandpoint ID are having similar problems with CA IOUs.

    Their pensions aren’t getting paid, so they are losing houses and unable to pay for medical care.

    • dennisleewilson says:

      WONDERFUL!!! Any links available for details?

      • Kristopher says:

        Not a lot of links. My sister is an administrator for a hospital there, and one of her big headaches is CA cop pensions allowing patent insurance to lapse.

        She also noted that most of the foreclosures up there were also from retired LAPD with FUBARed pensions.

  2. Sigivald says:

    If the NFA allowed it – or I was a dealer who could have it as a sample – I’d be all over the machine-Marlin, just to say I had one.

    “Is gun – does not need to be sensible.”

  3. Rob says:

    Leaving aside the pointless nature of converting a 10-shot gun into a machine gun…

    The tube-fed Marlins, such as the Model 60, have a 15 -18 round capacity.

    Personally, if I wanted a “full-auto .22” without the expense of legally purchasing an NFA item AND without the risk of an extended stay in Club Fed, I’d get one of these.

    Not true full-auto, but close enough on the cheap.

  4. Gerry N. says:

    I want that Viking motto in Blue on a field of White On a Red sweatshirt. Front and back.
    Yes, those are the colors of the American and Norwegian flags.

    I always carry two knives and generally three. A Swiss army tinker, a Leatherman and a Benchmade 710. Ya just never know when you’ll need something cut or squeezed.

  5. Windy Wilson says:

    “Viking motto in Blue on a field of White On a Red sweatshirt. Front and back.”
    Too cool. Gotta get one.

    As for the Cal IOU’s out of state, where are they cashed in within the state of CA? As I recall from my cousin the state park ranger, LAST TIME THIS FUBAR OF STATE EMPLOYEE IRRESPONSIBILITY occurred (1990? The exact date eludes me), some banks took them as if they were paychecks. My advice woud be to drive to the nearest city, town or village in CA that had such a bank, open an account, and when they received these proofs of legislative incompetence and the need to be no longer in office, caravan to that place and cash them. It isn’t Idaho’s fault nor responsibilty to cash them.

  6. ianargent says:

    If I was to get a Vespa of any kind, it would be one of those jobs that the French converted to transport a recoilless rifle –

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