wagons ho!

Team Munchkin Wrangler will be rolling in a few minutes. Today we’re going as far south as I can flog the Grand Marnier. We’ll do an overnight pit stop somewhere in southern PA, and hit my brother-in-law’s place in East TN tomorrow, for the first proper stop of our Southern Madness 2012 tour. Knoxville on Monday, North Carolina on Wednesday, Virginia on Friday, and back at Castle Frostbite by Sunday or Monday.

If we’ve been in touch about getting together in K-town, monitor your Intermail and Twitbooks for more precise data as we get closer.

2,000 miles, seven days, two small kids, and only one iPad. Wish me luck…


7 thoughts on “wagons ho!

  1. God speed through Connecticut!!!

  2. julie says:

    how much alcohol?

    good luck … you’ll need it

  3. Thank GOD for the iPad, even if you only have one. Why, back in the day, I moved across the country with 7-year-old twins and only music and Beanie Babies to entertain them. And it was uphill, all the way. In the snow. Now get off my lawn!

    (Good luck and safe journeys, Marko and Family!)

  4. BobG says:

    Best wishes for a safe trip.

  5. Joe E. says:

    What part of VA are you traveling through?

  6. Ancient Woodsman says:

    Please have a safe trip & a fun time. We’ll keep a watch on the Granite State side of the internet while you’re away, and you’ve got a dandy house-sitter.

    Peace with you & the family. It will be nice to get away, if even for a little while. Makes the coming home all the more meaningful.

  7. Jay G. says:

    Wave when you drive through MA. More than one finger, please…

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