I wanted a drawbridge, but it wasn’t in the budget.

This was Castle Frostbite’s portcullis just before we left for our trip:


The state of things last week:

003 (2)

And today:


I could show you a graph of our bank account balance correlating to the picture series above, and you’d see a rather significant downward curve. The corner of the porch and entry area had rotted to the point that the floor had developed a four-degree tilt, so it was high time to Get Shit Fixed. As always, once the handyman started ripping out stuff, he found more rot, so he ripped out more stuff, and so on. At some point there was a cement truck involved, but now there’s a solid foundation underneath that spot, not just logs dropped into dirt.

The job isn’t finished yet—the outside needs a new wooden stair set, and the inside of the new entry area still has two interior walls to be finished—but it’s coming along. And now I can actually get bulky things into the house via the front door instead of having to cart them around the house to the sliding glass door of the living room.

Got too much money and/or free time? You too can experience the joys of owning a fixer-upper!


10 thoughts on “I wanted a drawbridge, but it wasn’t in the budget.

  1. joated says:

    What was the name of that movie again? Oh, yeah. “Money Pit”

  2. Windy Wilson says:

    my sympathies to you and yours. I’m finishing up a multi year renovation that also included dry rot in two places, one of which was due to questionable construction 55 years ago, both of which were unbudgeted, and new laterals under the house, also unbudgeted, because 50 year old cast iron sewerpipe just doesn’t want to let go.
    And that doesn’t mention the imported Italian tile that, had I realized that was what the Sister in law was dealing with, I would have insisted on domestic brands, which probably would not have been on 6 week backorder.
    At least you don’t have your refrigerator in the dining room with a hotplate on your gas stove, also in the living room. Although renovations have a way of getting to that point quickly and expensively.
    Good luck, and remember, if everyone pitches in together, projects can be finished; just not always on time or under budget.
    Before you say, “how nice”, ask “how much.”

  3. Robert says:

    Makes me long for the houses of concrete block construction of my youth. All you ever had to do was paint those and occasionally change the roof.

  4. dethosp says:

    And that is why I’ve been procrastinating on getting my kitchen floor replaced. I know there’s a bigger problem somewhere, but I’m I don’t do crawlspaces, and so I haven’t gone under to look …

  5. Tam says:

    I see that the chicken coop has been snugged up in the corner. I trust all is well with the mini velociraptors?

  6. Glamdring says:

    So are you using the 12 gauge now to stop Yogi bear from having eggs for breakfast? Or stil using the SMLE for that role?

  7. Peter says:

    Marko, did anything ever come of your lawsuit against the previous owners over the roof problems?

  8. BobG says:

    Looking good.

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