a pop quiz on campus health insurance.

You attend a Catholic university.

Your university offers a health plan that covers everything but contraceptives and abortions.

The current administration pushes legislation through Congress that requires all health plans to cover contraceptives.

Your school decides that rather than making their health plan compliant with the law, they’ll drop it altogether.

Has the legislation in question improved your access to health care, or hurt it?

(Disclaimer: I am not a Catholic—or a Christian of any flavor—and I have my problems with the Church’s hostility to contraceptives. But I knew that stance ahead of time, and that’s one of the reasons why I chose not to attend a Catholic university.)

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18 thoughts on “a pop quiz on campus health insurance.

  1. A thorny (horny?) issue indeed. My problem is more with the Catholic church than the government. At least one is operating within the 21st century. I, too, have my issues with the church’s issues on contraception in an age of disease and overpopulation. And to then punch the students for this potentially deadly stance? Oy vey.

    • Marko Kloos says:

      Yeah. They’re being buttheads, with 16th century attitudes. But they have the frickin’ right to be buttheads, and other people have the right to not do business with them because of it. The market will sort it out–there’s no shortage of degree-conferring institutions in this country that will happily take your money for a 4-year degree, and a lot of them do offer contraceptives coverage.

      • Tam says:

        It has come to my attention that the dining hall at Yeshiva University is interfering with my right to eat bacon with breakfast…

    • Hey, you’re more than welcome to have all the problems with the Catholic Church all you want. For whatever reason, and that’s just fine with me.

      That is, until you demand that the .gov step in and do something about it.

  2. Fred2 says:

    Exactly Marco,

    They may be butt heads ( but how many institutions have lasted 2000 years… it works for them.) but they are not the only game in town.

    And frankly, I’m a butt head about other things, so I prefer that butt heads be left alone legally.

  3. Old Windways says:

    Freedom is being allowed to make poor choices and experience the consequences (or alternatively make good choices and reap the rewards, two sides of the same coin really). This is becoming increasingly rare.

  4. CalvinsMom says:

    Speakertweaker said it better than I could have.

  5. Kristopher says:

    Feature, not a bug.

    The socialists in Washington want to take over healthcare. They have to drive private insurance out to do this.

  6. Gerry N. says:

    What’s gonna happen if the Catholic Church decides to stay true to it’s own dogma and shuts down all Catholic Hospitals and Health care facilities rather than risk burning in hell for all eternity. (Hey, it’s their belief system, not necessarily mine.) Progressives have made this uncrossable “wall of separation” right up to when the Progressives and Socialists want to cross it. Anyway, the Church provides about 12% of all health care in the US. Who picks up the slack and at what cost? The old law of unintended consequences.

    Some people may not like what the Church decides to do, but more than likely the Church will look long and pray hard and in the end not care a whit what unbelievers think, and will do as their beliefs dictate. That is follow the dictates of Christ, as they see them.


  7. Hmmm, well the Church gets a tax break–
    and the Church changes their “eternal” beliefs every few decades
    and the Church recycles pedophile priests….
    er, the government and the Catholic Church will always be involved.
    BTW, I was raised Catholic and I watched the Church abandon the inner city… I watched the Philadelphia Church establishment arrive late to nearly every movement, following their flock who were far ahead on the Vietnam War, birth control, equal rights, etc. etc.

    I’ve interviewed a women’s clinic owner who could point out their patients in the screaming crowd of protesters…–but didn’t, of course.
    Using the Church’s phony stand on birth control (which their own flock overwhelmingly uses and supports) to bash Obama is simply dishonest.

    The largest underground abortion clinic in the US operated for years in Washington DC, getting politicians from both sides out of trouble.

    Of course, by the time we have deep thinkers like perlhaqr weighing in, there’s not much use in debate, I suppose.

    As with so many things, men can’t figure out what to do when women try to control the power of life and death in even one small area. Men want to reserve this power for themselves. They constantly proclaim they can decide who lives or dies. But women–hey, they’re walking Thermos bottles.

    Nothing scares a guy like a women who knows what she’s about.

    If the Church decides their religious beliefs contradict offering certain blood types, does the government lay down for that? Fact: birth control is a legal medication. If you choose to run a health care program, you can’t tell your enrollees what legal drugs are covered.

    BTW, what was the name of the last retarded guy to be executed in Texas? Ah, who cares? Certainly not the Vatican, who played dumb all through WWII.

    — mcget

    • Tam says:

      Because obviously anyone who opposes further federal encroachment into health care is a great big misogynistic right-wing pro-life poopiehead!

      All that time I wasted on thought experiments trying to explain what the universe would look like to a creature that exists in only two dimensions, when all I had to do was interview you.

      • Braden Lynch says:

        Tam has got it right. Everyone who believes in liberty and freedom of conscience should stop bashing the church and/or religion and realize the government has no place in dictating our healthcare. If Obamacare stands up to scrutiny, it will be used to beat all of you into submission on a wide range of topics.

        Do you…smoke, drink alcohol, play violent video games, own firearms? Maybe your are…obese, homosexual, of a particular ethnicity, mentally ill or have any number of medical conditions? Well, Obamacare will be administered by nameless, faceless, bean-counting bureaucrats who will decide, what is good, and what is bad, and will use regulations and fines and rationing to control every little facet of your life. One size fits all stupidity found in Washington, will crush us.

        Oh yeah, finally, if you cannot afford a condom on your own without the help of the government, I do not think you should be having sex. Really now, grow up! Stop whining!

    • “If you choose to run a health care program, you can’t tell your enrollees what legal drugs are covered”

      Why not? Can a mechanic only work on European vehicles? Can a computer programmer not work with certain programming languages? Should an escort be able to chose which clients she works with?

      If you don’t want to abide by the rules a group operates under than maybe you shouldnt join them, give your money to a group that better reflects your values and stop whining.

  8. LittleRed1 says:

    IMHO, the Catholic Church should not have begun accepting federal funds for their charity work. However, now, they have the right to say “no, you hit the line and are asking us to go too far.” The .gov should not force any religious institution to act against its conscience, whether that means requiring Yeshiva U. to hold Friday night or Saturday morning classes, the Catholics and some Protestants to provide (wither physically or through secondary funding) contraception, abortion, or even euthanasia, the Hari Krishnas to serve beef and garlic at their public meals, or the Quakers to serve in combat. I noticed that it is a hard-line Presbyterian college that has launched the first university challenge to ObamaCare’s lack of conscience clause, followed by Catholic colleges.

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