for love of the game.

If this youth baseball story doesn’t put a smile on your face, you’re probably Vulcan.


on things with limbs and strings.

Does anyone out there in Intertubes-Land have a recommendation for an inexpensive, yet reasonably un-crappy recurve bow in the 40-70# pull weight range?

I was looking at the PSE Kingfisher, which can be had at Cabela’s for $120-ish, but I haven’t shopped around for bows in a long time, and I figured there’s an archery fan or two among my readership who might know of a better bow for the money.  I’m not averse to laminated wood, if that makes a difference.

Bows are kewl. I got back into archery when I took an archery class at Pellissippi back in Knoxville, and it’s a supremely enjoyable sport.  Now that I have enough land (and a sufficient backstop) to shoot a bow without impaling the neighbor’s Pomeranian and three or four kindergartners by accident, I want to take advantage of it.

do they even have a PR person left in philly?

So the Eagles signed that dog-killing scum Michael Vick.

I’m sure there was some sort of communications issue.  Maybe his agent was driving through a tunnel at the time.

“Philadelphia Eagles?  Aw, fuck.  I thought you said ‘Kill a pen full of beagles.’”

Here’s a new rule I proposed on Twitter a while back: any team that plays the Eagles gets a pack of hungry pitbulls on their side.